Spring 391BC

7 player game devised by Minister X and set in ancient Greece. Standard rules (with land bridges.) Introduced and GMd by Morg. Winner Messenia (Pharaoh of Nerds)

Spring 391BC

Postby Morg » 13 Oct 2013, 07:07

Spring is posted, Retreats are here.

I will need retreats by 2200PST Monday the 14th/0600GMT Tuesday the 15th

I will need retreats from:

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Spring orders were:
A Epidaurus support A Argos move Mycenae Dislodged 1v2, Retreat Needed
F Saroenius Sinus support A Epidaurus Hold Support Cut
F Phthiotis support F Mare Aegea move Thermas Sinus
F Mare Aegea move Thermas Sinus
F Marmora Sinus support F Mare Aegea move Thermas Sinus

F Patcae- support A Elis-Hold
A Protilae- support A Elis-Hold
A Kaphyae- support A Protilae-Hold
A Elis- support A Protilae-Hold
F Prian Rhium- support A Elis-Hold
F Proschium- support F Prian Rhium-Hold
A Arcania- Attempt to develop superpowers to make itself useful (HOLD) One soldier successfully irradiates himself and develops the ability to glow, then collapses from radiation poisoning. All other soldiers fail in their attempts. Result: No Change
A Thermium- Breed an army of giant man-eating seals that shall rule the world (HOLD) Prototype successful, however then starts eating your own men before being put to death. Result: No Change

Messenia-Pharaoh of Nerds
Rhodius Sinus - Caria
Laconicus Sinus - Rhodius Sinus
Argulicus Sinus support Laconicus Sinus - Rhodius Sinus
Pylos - Messeniacus Sea
Zazynthus Sinus - Ithica Sinus
Nipolicus Sinus support Zazynthus Sinus - Ithica Sinus
Cyprussius Sinus - Zazynthus Sinus
Ilia support Dafni
Lycaion - Prolitae Bounced 3v3
Pisantae support Lycaion - Prolitae
Dafni support Lycaion - Prolitae
Arcadia support Maniana
Tegea support Maniana
Argos - Orch
Maniana support Argos - Orch

Thebes-Mr Bump
F.Euboeius Sinus > Corsea
F.Marathon > Euboeius Sinus
F.Thermas Sinus > Hold Dislodged 1v3, Retreat Needed
A.Athenae > Hold
A.Eleusis > Delion
A.Megara > Hold
A.Mycenae > Epidaurus
F.Corinth > Support A.Mycenae > Epidaurus
A.Orch > Argos Bounced, Dislodged 1v2, Retreat Needed
F.Mare Mediterranea > Saronious Sinus Bounced 1v1
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