Fall 393BC

7 player game devised by Minister X and set in ancient Greece. Standard rules (with land bridges.) Introduced and GMd by Morg. Winner Messenia (Pharaoh of Nerds)

Fall 393BC

Postby Morg » 17 Sep 2013, 08:16

Fall is posted, Fall retreats are here.

I will need retreats by 2300PST Thursday the 19th/0700GMT Friday the 20th

I will need retreats from:

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Fall orders were:
F Mare Mediterranea move Euboeius Sinus
F Marmora Sinus support F Mare Aegea move Thermas Sinus
F Mare Aegea move Thermas Sinus
F Saroenius Sinus move Corinth Bounced 1v2
A Mycenae move Epidaurus
F Rhodius Sinus move Laconicus Sinus

A Elis-support A Kaphyae- Protilae
A Achaia- support A Kaphyae- Protilae
A Kaphyae- Protilae Bounced 3v4
F Patcae- support A Elis-Hold
F Prian Rhium- support A Elis-Hold
F Proschium- support F Prian Rhium-Hold
A Calydon-Hold

Both Ilia and Protilae will support Dafni to hold
Protilae: Support Cut, Dislodged 1v4, No Retreat Available, Auto-Disbanded

Messenia-Pharaoh of Nerds
Laconicus Sinus - Koidamos
Messeniacus Sinus hold
Cyn - Tegea
Lycaion - Prolitae
Arcadia support Lycaion - Prolitae
Maniana support Lycaion - Prolitae
Pisantea support Lycaion - Prolitae
Mare Adriaticum - Ithica Sinus
Zazynthus Sinus support Mare Adriaticum - Ithica Sinus
Cyprussius Sinus support Pisantea
Ira - Lycaion
Tryphilia support Pisantae
Prastos hold

Thebes-Mr Bump
F.Euboeia Occidental > Euboeia Oriental
F.Thermas Sinus > Supports F.Euboeia Occidental > Euboeia Oriental Support Cut, Dislodged 1v2, Retreat Needed
F.Euboeius Sinus > Supports F.Euboeia Occidental > Euboeia Oriental
A.Athenae > Hold
A.Eleusis > Supports A.Athenae Hold
A.Corinth > Mycenae
A.Orch > Supports A.Corinth > Mycenae
F.Sinus Corinthiucus > Corinth
A.Megara > Supports F.Sinus Corinthiucus > Corinth
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