DoIaF AL304 Fall Orders

GMd by presser84. Winner: Tagaryen (shockj)

DoIaF AL304 Fall Orders

Postby presser84 » 19 Apr 2013, 07:06

The Starks make their final stand in The Reach. He had less success there than Aegon I and his dragons 304 years ago. Was it the Strength of Iron, the Heat of Dragon Fire, or simply the weight of honor and naivety that brought down this great house? Will the iron-island steel freeze? Is Dragon's Fire strong enough to withstand the cold? Remember "Winter is Coming."

Surprisingly quietly and without honor the House Martell has too fallen. "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" was their motto but their house fell to the annuls. A ship with two flags were seen sailing south in the Summer Sea. The first is Dornish spear and sun. The second a red snake. Targaryens chasing after but decide they may need to save the ships for other purposes.

AL304_F_orders.gif (75.12 KiB) Viewed 803 times

Stark (letram13)
The Reach-High Garden (bounced, destroyed by Stony Sept to The Reach)

Greyjoy (Thomasvaliant)
Stony Sept to The Reach
The Westerlands s Stony Sept to the Reach
Riverrun to Casterly Rock
Harrenhall to Stony Sept
South Sunset Sea to Redwyne Straights
North Sunset Sea to South Sunset Sea
Stony Shore to North Sunset Sea
The Neck to Deepwood Motte
The Twins to the Kingsroad
Flint's Finger to hold

Targ (shockj)
F - Shivering Sea HOLD
F - NNS MOVE The Eyrie
A - The Eyrie MOVE Mountains of the Moon
A - Crackclaw Point MOVE Harrenhal
F - King's Landing (East) MOVE King's Landing (West) (bounced)
F - Blackwater Bay MOVE King's Landing (West) (bounced)
F - Storm's End HOLD
A - Griffin's Roost SUPPORT Storm's End to hold
F - Sea of Dorne MOVE Yromwood (bounced 2v2)
F - God's Grace SUPPORT Sea of Dorne to Yromwood
F - SNS Move Stepstones
F - Sunspear MOVE Salt Shore (bounced)

Tyrell (Blackfish)
A Stormlands - Highgarden (bounced)
A Dornish Marches S A Prince's Pass Hold
A Prince's Pass S A Dornish Marches Hold
A Yronwood Hold
A Sandstone S A Yronwood Hold
F Redwyne Straits - Shield Islands
F West Summer Sea - The Arbor

Martell (Stalin813)
NMR holds (unit removed to save time)

Targ +3
Tyrell +1

Builds are due Saturday (Friday Night) 12:00am EDT, 4:00am GMT, 2:00pm GMT+10
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Re: DoIaF AL304 Fall Orders

Postby letram13 » 19 Apr 2013, 07:58

I retreat to Searoad, and then disband my unit there! For formality sake.
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Re: DoIaF AL304 Fall Orders

Postby Blackfish » 19 Apr 2013, 07:59

FFS, Greyjoy! The one move I hoped you wouldn't pull and guess what?
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