DoIaF AL304 Spring Orders

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DoIaF AL304 Spring Orders

Postby presser84 » 16 Apr 2013, 05:56

Glad to see that pesky bit of Lannister red has been removed from the map....

AL304_S_orders.gif (75.61 KiB) Viewed 505 times

Stark (letram13)
Stony Sept- The Reach

Greyjoy (Thomasvaliant)
Bay of Ice to North Sunset Sea
Winterfell to Stony Shore
Moat Cailin to the Neck
Harrenhall to Stonry Sept
Riverrun s Harrenhall to Stony Sept
Casterly Rock to the Westerlands
Lannisport to South Sunset Sea
Mountains of the Moon to Harrenhall
Kingsroad to the Riverlands
The Twins to Hold
Flint's Finger to Hold

Targ (shockj)
F - The Shivering Sea HOLD
F - The Bite MOVE NNS
A - The Fingers MOVE The Eyrie
A - Dragonstone MOVE Crackclaw Point
F - Blackwater Bay CONVOY Dragonstone to Crackclaw Point
F - King's Landing (West) MOVE King's Landing (East)
F - Storm's End SUPPORT Pentos to Griffin's Roost
A - Pentos MOVE Griffin's Roost
F - SNS CONVOY Pentos to Griffin's Roost
F - Griffin's Roost MOVE Sea of Dorne
F - Sunspear MOVE God's Grace
F - East Summer Sea MOVE Sunspear

Tyrell (Blackfish)
A Sandstone - YronWood
A Prince's Pass S A Sandstone - Yronwood
A Starfall - Sandstone
F West Summer Sea S A Starfall - Sandstone
A Redwyne Straits S F Summer Sea Hold
A Ashford - Stormlands
A Dornish Marches S A Ashford - Stormlands

Martell (Stalin813)
Both units hold (Yornwood destroyed by A Sandstone - YronWood 1v2)

No retreats

AL304 Fall Orders are due Friday (Thursday Night) April 19th 12:00am EDT, 4:00am GMT, 2:00pm GMT+10
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