DoIaF AL303 Spring Orders

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DoIaF AL303 Spring Orders

Postby presser84 » 03 Apr 2013, 04:03

So the reasons for the delay in orders is multi-fold. 1) I forgot to include stalin in the PM that the new phase had started. 2) Easter-weekend 3) I didn't send out a reminder or reset the counter in my sig. So I gave some players, who would have NMR'd a little more time to get in the orders.

AL303_S_Orders.gif (73.6 KiB) Viewed 678 times

Stark (letram13)
Kingsroad-Harrenhal (bounced, dislodged by The Twins to the Kingsroad 1v2)
They Eyrie-Mountains of the Moon
Narrow Sea-Shipbreaker Bay

Greyjoy (Thomasvaliant)
Beyond the Wall to Castle Black (WC)
Bay of Ice to Winterfell (WC)
Deepwood Motte to Moat Cailin
Stony Sept to Harrenhall
Riverrun s Stony Sept to Harrenhall
The Twins to the Kingsroad
Riverlands s The Twins to the Kingsroad
Ironman's Bay to Golden Sound

Targ (shockj)
A - Karhold MOVE The Dreadfort
F - White Harbor MOVE The Bite
A - Braavos MOVE Braavosi Coastlands
F - King's Landing West HOLD
F - Dragonstone MOVE Blackwater Bay
F - SNS MOVE Narrow Sea
F - Storm's End SUPPORT Griffin's Roost to hold
F - Griffin's Roost SUPPORT Sea of Dorne to Dornish Marshes
F - Stepstones MOVE E Summer Sea
F - Tyrosh MOVE The Disputed Lands

Tyrell (Blackfish)
A Starfall - Sandstone
F West Summer Sea S A Starfall - Sandstone
A Prince's Pass S a Starfall - Sandstone (cut, dislodged by sandstorm to princes pass 1v2) retreat needed
A Dornish Marches S A Prince's Pass Hold (cut, dislodged by Sea of dorne to Dornish marshes 1v2) retreat needed
A Blackmont - Starfall
A Highgarden - Blackmont
F Redwyne Straits Hold

Martell (Stalin813)
Sea of dorne to Dornish marshes
Yromwood support sandstorm to princes pass
sandstorm to princes pass
Sun spear to salt shore

retreats needed from Stark and Tyrell

retreats are due Thursday (Wednesday Night) April 4th 12:00am EST, 4:00am GMT, 3:00pm GMT+10
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Re: DoIaF AL303 Spring Orders

Postby Blackfish » 03 Apr 2013, 08:32

ouch, my back
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