DoIaF AL301 Spring Orders

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DoIaF AL301 Spring Orders

Postby presser84 » 07 Mar 2013, 08:47

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Stark (letram13)
Army Winterfell-Castle Black
Army Flints Finger Hold
Army Kingsroad-Harrenhal
Army Mountains of the Moon Support Army Kingsroad-Harrenhal
Fleet Crackclaw Point Support Army Kingsroad-Harrenhal
Army The Neck-Kingsroad

Greyjoy (Thomasvaliant)
Ironman's Bay to North Sunset Sea
Casterly Rock to Riverrun
The Twins s Riverlands to Hold
Riverlands s the Twins to Hold
Golden Sound to Ironman's Bay

Lannister (Zadaron)
Fleet Horn Hill - Shield Islands
Army The Reach - Highgarden (bounced 1v2)

Baratheon (lecrae)
Blackmonk moves to Starfall
Storm's End support Sea of Dorne to Griffin's Roost

Targ (shockj)
F - Dragonstone MOVE Narrow Sea
F - Narrow Sea MOVE Kingswood
F - Shipbreaker Bay SUPPORT Pentos to Griffin's Roost
F - SNS CONVOY Pentos to Griffin's Roost
F - Tyrosh MOVE Stepstones
A - Pentos MOVE Griffin's Roost (bounced 2v3)
F - King's Landing (West) HOLD

Tyrell (Blackfish)
A Stormlands - Highgarden
F Searoad S Stormlands - Highgarden
A Highgarden - Blackmont
A Oldtown - Horn Hill
F South Sunset Sea - Redwyne Straits
A Lannisport - The Reach
A King's Landing (E) - Stormlands

Martell (Stalin813)
A Yormwood - Prince's Pass
A Prince's pass - Ashford
A Dornish Marshes support Sea of Dorne - Griffin's Roost
F Sea of Dorne - Griffin's Roost
F Sunspear - Sea of Dorne

no retreats

AL301 Fall orders are due Sunday (Saturday Night) March 10th 12:00am EST, 4:00am GMT, 3:00pm GMT+10
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