DoIaF AL300 Fall Orders

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DoIaF AL300 Fall Orders

Postby presser84 » 02 Mar 2013, 07:21

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Stark (letram13)
Fleet King's Landing (East) Support Fleet Black Water Bay-King's Landing(West) (cut, dislodged by The Reach - King's Landing (E) 1v2) retreat needed
Army The Fingers-Mountains of the Moon
Army The Neck-Kingsroad
Army Deepwood Motte-Flint's Finger
Army Moat Cailin-The Neck
Army Castle Black-Winterfell

Greyjoy (Thomasvaliant)
Riverlands to Riverrun (bounced)
Harlour to Casterly Rock
Ironman's Bay convoy Harlour to Casterly Rock
Golden Sound s Harlour to Casterly Rock

Lannister (Zadaron)
Fleet Searoad - Lannisport (bounced, dislodged by Shield Islands - Searoad 1v2) (retreat needed)
Army Casterly Rock SUPPORT Searoad - Lannisport (cut, dislodged by Harlour to Casterly Rock 1v2)
Army Riverrun SUPPORT Casterly Rock to HOLD (cut by Riverlands to Riverrun)
Army Stoney Sept - The Reach

Baratheon (lecrae)
Storm's End support hold the unit in Griffin's Roost
Ashford moves to Blackmonk
Griffin's Roost support Storm's End to hold

Targ (shockj)
F - Blackwater Bay MOVE King's Landing (West)
F - Braavosi Coastlands (WC) MOVE Narrow Sea
F - Shipbreaker Bay SUPPORT SNS to Griffin's Roost
F - SNS MOVE Griffin's Roost (bounced 2v2)
F - Tyrosh MOVE SNS (bounced)
A - Pentos HOLD

Tyrell (Blackfish)
The Reach - King's Landing (E)
Stormlands S The Reach - King's Landing (E)
Shield Islands - Searoad
Lannisport S Shield Islands - Searoad
Horn Hill - Highgarden
South Sunset Sea S Lannisport Hold

Martell (Stalin813)
Sea of Dorne - Griffin's Roost (bounced 2v2)
Dornish Marshes support Sea of Dorne - Griffin's Roost
Sunspear - Sea of Dorne (bounced)
Prince's Pass support Dornish Marshes Hold

retreats are needed from Lannister and Stark

retreats are due Sunday (Saturday night) 12:00am EST, 4:00am GMT, 3:00pm GMT+10
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Re: DoIaF AL300 Fall Orders

Postby Zadaron » 03 Mar 2013, 02:49

Fleet Searoad RETREAT to Horn Hill
Army Casterly Rock RETREAT to Westerlands
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