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Classicist Application

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2019, 20:48
by NullSpeech
I have 8 finished games and wish to join the Classicists. My NMR rate is 100% and I have no surrenders in the last 5 games.

I have a surrender from when I first signed up for the site (I think it was my second game) and I wasn't aware of this society. My country only had a single SC left, the other players weren't responding to my messages, and I was tired of seeing the game in my list of active games :P

Re: Classicist Application

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2019, 01:49
by Shyvve

Thanks for your interest in the Classicists and your application.
You've completed a total of 13 games onsite, with 3 of those games being Friends games. When considering eligibility to join (or be promoted in) this group, only R/NR games are taken into account.
I am seeing two surrenders in R/NR games, the most recent being in NR game 157497/Penguins, roughly three weeks ago. The other was in Ranked game 156042/Ciao with the surrender occurring in April this year.

Here is the situation which fits your case:
Aspiring membership (for players who have played in 5 or more games)
No unjustified surrenders in most recent 4 games.
No more than 5 turns missed in the most recent 5 games.
No sanction from the site admin for site rule violation within the last month.

Since the more recent surrender, you have completed three R/NR games (157062, 157048 and 157509). You will need to finish just one more R/NR game in order to have your application be accepted. However, if there are circumstances you feel merit consideration regarding either or both of the surrenders, please feel free to contact me about this via PM.

Other than completing another R/NR game, you're good to go . Your consistency is indeed perfect.

Re: Classicist Application

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2019, 18:04
by NullSpeech
Roger that. The current NR game I'm in (157602) is winding down and should be done soon. The ranked game I'm in (157382) I've been eliminated from, so I don't know how much longer it has. I'll reply again once one of these games are completed.