Spring 1923

6 player game set in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the final month of WWI. Devised by Richard Wein and introduced and GMd by Morg. 4-way draw: Croats (Diplomat42), Germans (Shavemybaby), Poles (Stanislaw), Rumanians (Samuri)

Spring 1923

Postby Morg » 10 May 2013, 20:21

Spring is posted, Spring retreats are here.

I will need retreats by 1200PST/2000GMT Sunday the 12th.

I will need retreats from:


Spring orders were:
Osijek-Subotica Bounced 2v2
Novi Sad S Osijek-Subotica
Kaposvar S Croatia H Support Cut
Croatia S Kaposvar H
Trieste S Fiume H Support Cut, Dislodged 1v2, No Retreat Available, Autodisbanded
Fiume S Trieste H Support Cut

vac to buda
bakony support vac to buda
nagy to kaposvar
usti to plzen
bohmeia support olomuoc to hold
parduice support olomuoc to hold
olomuoc hold
bratislava to vac
zagreb to fiume
carinthia to trieste
ljublijana support carinthia to trieste
upper austria to carinthia
burgenland and vienna hold

Hungarians-Pharaoh of nerds
Szo S Pecs
Buda-Vac Bounced 1v2, Dislodged, Retreat Needed
Pecs S Szo

Ostrava support Morvaria to hold
Miskovo support Debrucean to hold
Debrucean support Miskovo to hold
No. Bukovina support Sambor to hold

Rest of my armies hold.

tisza- oradea
satu mare-tisza
targu mures- satu mare
s.buk- sambor
east tran-west tran
mako s subcot-baja
subcot- baja
mures s banat- subcot
bana- subcot Bounced 2v2
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