The Final War

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The Final War

Postby Subotai45 » 02 Nov 2014, 22:08

Due to player attrition, HOTW is not running as it should. I get about 2 orders a month, from 7 people. It's a great game, but we cannot continue in this state. So I'm shaking things up. Shortly, we will be moving to games with fewer players (roughly 6, rather than the dozen that this needs to function properly) that will have a set time frame (rather than the going on forever, except when it doesn't), largely focused around historic wars. I will be accepting suggestions for the next HOTW.

But that time isn't here quite yet - I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to this version. So we're going to have a terrific end to this chapter of the HOTW story and send it off with a bang. Welcome to the Final War.

Rules for the Final War
First, everyone is required to be at war by February 1875. There's no sitting on the sidelines here. There will be two (or, if someone really wishes), three alliances. They will be named and posted in the announcements section with a list of the player countries in them. Right now, there is Alliance A and Pact P. I believe there are a half-dozen players, so there will be three spots in each alliance. If a) people become active again to participate in the greatest event in HOTW history or b) new players join for the finale, I will make the number of places in each pact larger, but there will always be roughly 50% of the players on a side. Send me a PM to say whether you wish to join Alliance A or Pact P. You have until the start of the February turn to do this. If the alliance you try to join is full, you will be put on the other side, so talk with each other quickly and get choices in early. If someone does not sign up, their country is officially an NPC until they return and are assigned to a pact.

Secondly, starting in February , you will all produce another sort of resource: Shiny Things. Every player produces 100 Shiny Things a month. Shiny Things are used to bribe NPCs into joining your side. Shiny Things are tradable like any other resource. When an NPC receives Shiny Things, it will join the war on the side that has given it the most Shiny Things. Ex: In February, Japan (part of Alliance A) gives China 5 Shiny Things, while Scandinavia and the Rashidun Caliphate (both part of Pact P) each give China 3 Shiny Things (totaling six). Pact P writes China's orders. If Alliance A sends enough Shiny Things to China, it will switch sides. You may not send fractions of a Shiny Thing.

That's it - two sides, composed of every nation in the game (provided Shiny Things are spent wisely), duking it out for supreme dominance of the globe. The game ends when one alliance is conquered, an alliance unanimously concedes defeat, or we drag this out to the start of the summer.

Time for the largest war ever to grace the HOTW subforum. Are you ready?
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Re: The Final War

Postby ferdy0 » 03 Nov 2014, 12:55

pity it doesnt show on the main forum "new posts" any more ;(

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