Spring 1921

Played on regular map and GMd by Pedros. winner: Turkey (WarSmith)

Spring 1921

Postby Pedros » 29 Aug 2013, 16:27

Turkey's advance continues. No retreats, so Orders for Fall 1921 are due by 1530 BST (1030 EDT) on Sunday 1 September

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Brest - Gascony : Reo

England (sjg11)
F MAO- support A Gascony-Brest X
F Edinburgh- Yorkshire : Resolved
F Clyde- Edinburgh : Resolved

Turkey (WarSmith)
NWY M HOLL : Resolved
NS C NWY to HOLL : Resolved
DEN M KIE : Resolved
SWE M NWY : Resolved
RUH M BEL : Resolved
MUN M RUH : Resolved
BER M MUN : Resolved
SIL M BER : Resolved
BOH H : Resolved
TYRO H : Resolved
VIE H : Resolved
GAS M BUR : Resolved
MARS H : Resolved
SPA(SC) H : Resolved
GoL S SPA (SC) : Resolved
WME M MAO : Bounced
NAF H : Resolved
TUN H : Resolved
ION H : Resolved
TYRR H : Resolved
NAP H : Resolved
TUSC H : Resolved
PIE H : Resolved
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Re: Spring 1921

Postby ninjaruler » 29 Aug 2013, 18:22

DONT TAKE MY LAST CENTER! por favor mi amigo! :)
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