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AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 28 May 2013, 16:20
by asudevil
So tell me what you guys think of the game. I have been intrigued by it for almost a year before I finally had time to run it.

Tell me everything you think about everything...sorry those early turns had so many delays for so many reasons. That really screwed with the early flow of this game.

Anyway, congrats to you both.

Personally had I been mr bump I would have declined the draw and forced them to either find a way to evenly split my 6SC, wait for one of them to stab, or accept me in a 3man draw.

But that's me.

Re: AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 29 May 2013, 03:00
by Blackfish
Give me a day or two to write my AAR. It'll probably be a bit lengthy.

Re: AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 29 May 2013, 04:10
by WarSmith
Ditto. Reserving this space...

Re: AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 30 May 2013, 00:30
by GuitarMan
Unfortunately, my AAR will not be lengthy.

I was destroyed very rapidly (absolutely no surprise there) and lost interest in the game even faster.

Re: AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 30 May 2013, 14:42
by carter342
Mine Won't be that long:

Initially joined up with Blackfish, agreeing to a Baztor DMZ and a distribution of close SC's. After I saw that the eastern hemisphere powers were fighting each other, I asked the Western Hemisphere powers whether they would be be prepared to use this opportunity to collectively take on the eastern hemisphere. Everyone agreed.

Around 05-06 I got messages from WarSmith saying that Bump had stabbed him and asking for help. When I approached both of them asking whether they wanted to work against the other together, I received nothing in return. I guess with hindsight its obvious that there was some co-operation there!
Then Blackfish stabbed, whether co-ordinated with the other two I will find out here.

Re: AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2013, 04:28
by Blackfish
OK, I've spent several days deliberating over what to write, though whenever I try to think of an AAR, it turns out I have forgotten most of the game... :? :|

From the shattered remains of my memory, I can remember that I started the game PMing both Guitarman and Carter and organised alliances and such along our borders. I also spoke a little bit with WarSmith and mentioned that in the future, we would eventually work together.
I captured Figdia and Nortia in the same turn, I think, and attacked Guitarman, with some help from diplomat. I kept moving East, once Guitarman was finished and attacked diplomat. I didn't need all that many armies or fleets tied up in Delta, so I believe that was when I started on carter, at the same time as Bump did, thought there wasn't much coordination then, apart from a splitting of SCs. My real intentions were to take as many SCs from Carter before Bump could get them, as I had planned a stab with WarSmith against bump and I didn't want bump to get too strong before I turned to him. I then looked at the playing field and judged that I could take Carter and bump on at the same time. At the same time, I asked that WarSmith move his troops to Tastor and Sotaru and what a brutal stab that was!

Around this time, I decided that since both WarSmith and I were at 15SCs, with the victory condition being 20SCs, it was best to call a draw. I had already told WS that I would be proposing a draw in the near future and so I did. I didn't want the game to turn into a game of Chess/Ping-Pong with it sounding like this "lose an SC, gain an SC. Lose an SC, gain an SC. Lose an SC, gain an SC." for years at a time. Everyone accepted and here we are.

On the game/map itself, I had some points to include in my AAR, but I seem to have forgotten most of them... I'll come back and edit this post when I remember.

Re: AAR Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma) 2man draw

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2013, 02:03
by WarSmith
A very interesting game.
I complained pretty regularly that a game with so many complications should have been a lot more busy with chat, I sensed there was a fair bit of fatigue around the game, however it became enjoyable at the end.
Firstly, it is aptly named, the game is very tough - there's way too much to think of.
The fact that fleet movements around the north and south pole are restricted is, I think, a limiting factor, otherwise on reflection I do think its a pretty fair game. One prblem is that with no natural defensive positions - its very hard to advance and still defend home, especially if younhave gambled on advancement and have too many fleets.
Story of the game: early alliance with MrBump and later one with Blackfish. Both were easy to communicate with and although Bump was a great ally, I just had to do that final big bombastic stab to get ino the mix for a win. It actually really entered my mind when Bump was proposing a 3 or 4 man unification against blackfish. We'd had a sticky moment earlier in the game (when tryingto advance tothe central island) but had got beyond it eventually, and I think the fact that we'd had that intial mistrust and patched things up actually made the stab work a bit better, however - given how easy it is in this game to get strethed and not be in a position to adequately defend home centers, bump can hardly be blamed.