Migraine FG

8-player variant on a totally symmetrical and abstract map devised by Stephen D. Koehler; Introduced and GMd by asudevil. 2 player draw Blackfish (Beta) and WarSmith (Sigma)

Re: Migraine FG

Postby asudevil » 01 Feb 2013, 02:05

mr bump wrote:Two things on my mind;

I am GMT and assume there will be players at GMT -5/-8. If the game is 3/1/1 then every Spring phase is 3 days?

Can we have a map with better resolution, the one on the forum is very blurred. I've copied it and tried to sharpen the image but it didn't help.

I will repost the first map it will be small like this, but I re-typed all the names so it is MUCH clearer.

And yes, Spring/Fall are 3...Build/Retreats are 1
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Re: Migraine FG

Postby mr bump » 01 Feb 2013, 02:22

Thanks, all clear now.
mr bump

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Re: Migraine FG

Postby EuropeDomination » 05 May 2013, 15:09

asudevil wrote:
Ever think that 7 players just doesn't make sense because someone HAS to get teamed up on 2v1 because there is an odd number of players.

I've seen more 3 way wars than I've seen 2 V 1s.
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