MacCon Board 1 Day 1 - misorder mayhem

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MacCon Board 1 Day 1 - misorder mayhem

Postby Brumark » 08 Mar 2019, 13:02

Austria – Greg M
England – The Tibetan Blackbird
France – Brumark
Germany – Andrew H
Italy – Jack007
Russia – Markus Z
Turkey – Pootleflump

So this was my first ever face to face so bear that in mind before judging my misorders too harshly.

The game ended in a 5 way draw with France, England, Russia and Turkey all on 8 with Italy making up the numbers on 2. Ending alliances were EFI vs RT.

I was drawn with France which would have been my pick of choice so perhaps I underperformed but that was driven at least in part by two horrible misorders by myself and three or so by my ally.

I approached England rapidly before Germany could, he was open to an EF and seemed genuine, he didn't fancy a western triple. Our plan was for him to open standard Northern opening, I would do Bre-Pic, Mar s Par - Bur whilst telling Germany I wanted a bounce in Burgundy to waste his move. In the fall we would take Belgium and Spain, England would take Norway and if he had a spare unit he would bounce either holland or Denmark.

I then spoke to Germany who opened the conversation saying he wanted two centres in 1901 (fine fine) but they should be Belgium and holland... right so you mean three as you will get Denmark too. So not the best start, well helpful in that I decided England would be the better bet and fairly likely to side with me. In the end Germany and I agreed the bounce.

Italy agreed we should all keep out of Piedmont (he stuck to it).

Spring 1901
This went to plan. Of note: Germany moved fleet to holland which was a bit annoying as it both allowed Russia to have Sweden and also meant there was pressure on Belgium. Italy opened to tyrolia and followed up Rome into venice with Austria bouncing in galicia, moving to Albania and serbia. Russia went to ukraine not STP and Turkey opened to con not Armenia.

Fall 1901
Sensing Austrian weakness turkey and Russia moved in. Austria defended Trieste but in so doing lost galicia and turkey picked up Greece. Whether the Juggernaught was in place before the spring moves or they simply created the fertile soil in which it could flourish I am not sure. Either way Turkey did not take Bla in the fall when russia moved to rum.

Britain and I agreed to stick to our plan. And this was where I messed up my orders that had really huge consequences. I wrote pic s bur - bel, but did not also write bur - bel. Whilst the rules do state that I needed to do both, perhaps with a new player when the moves weren't ambitious at all and this was a friendly non-tournament game this could have been allowed as it wasn't a misorder it was not knowing the detail of the rules. England did the same on his convoy to Denmark. Purely coincidentally the two countries arguing vociferously that it wasn't a correct order therefore couldn't stand were Italy and Germany. In the end we had to follow the rules given the disagreement.

This had three impactful consequences:

1. Germany built two instead of one and France built one instead of two.
2. Germany took Belgium instead of holland. Belgium can and did retreat to the the channel when it was taken in 1902, causing a right pain for both E and F for quite a few turns before it was sent to the med.
3. France was weakened, Italy decided to change tack from attacking austria and sent Tunis and his fleet build west. I am pretty sure spoting this opportunity only happened after arguing for the orders not to stand...

Italy moved west taking WMS, Pie and Tyrrhenian, in the fall France took Portugal allowing Italy into Spain albeit not fully negotiated. The war with Germany continued following unsuccessful negotiations where Germany insisted on having holland and
France moving back from burgundy despite knowing Belgium could not hold. The threat of a retreat to the channel gave E&F pause but ultimately it was felt the war should continue. Belgium fell as did Holland (in the fall) with the channel successfully bounced from Brest. An uneasy peace reigned in scandi with Russia holding fire in the spring and England defending Norway in the fall.

Russia and Turkey firmed up their alliance and knocked Austria down to 1 (perhaps 2 my memory is a little flakey).

Fearing the Juggernaught and plagued by Italian units peace was made in the spring with Germany although border tensions remained and Germany tried to sneak Brest. Spain was recaptured by the french armies in the spring but Italy retreated to MAO. A further german stab (despite another peace deal) to try and help Italy to Brest in the fall was read and blocked with an assist from England. In the east Austria was definitely down to one if he wasn't in 1902 but was doing a fantastic job of making a nuisance of himself and ensuring his own survival. The Juggernaught inched forward.

1904 Onwards
I am starting to get pretty hazy about the exact years and timings so will just talk thematically. At some point, possibly even 1903 Russia moved to the Black Sea in the spring but bottled it and re-established the Juggernaught. Faced with a strong Juggernaught which had all but taken the balkans, was about to put extreme pressure on Ion an was defending resolutely in scandi A,I,E,F & G formed an alliance to to stop them. E&F then had a sneaky side conversation which went along the lines off, it ain't quite that bad yet, wouldn't it be nice if we had direct control over those German units rather than through Germany himself, cut out the middle man. German units surged into the neutral zone between russia, English and French units surged into German centres. Austria clung on but ultimately fell, I think in 1905, Germany fell the year after.

England threw in several misorders around convoys, with poor communication between the army and Royal Navy blamed. Conversations occurred in the backrooms to see if either of Russia or Turkey fancied making the game a three way thing. France certainly and probably England offered to be the third wheel for the Jugg if it came to it.

Turkey seemed to bite agreeing with France about how to partition Italy and claiming she would attack Russia. Turkey took Venice a season earlier then expected, France panicked and accepted Italian aid to take Venice for France instead having promised not to. This was slightly less successful than expected as in an order change with 30 seconds to go Italy vacated Rome allowing a Turkish retreat there.

Turkey, like the queen, was not amused. Prospects of the EFT three way probably evaporated there, France remains unconvinced that the stab on R would have occurred as promised.

With it now unlikely that E and F would stab each other and the same for RT and F struggling to find a safe way to eliminate I a draw agreement was soon reached but not before two more noteworthy orders... A Turkish army in Naples was isolated and faced forces in apulia and Rome, fearing a destroy Turkey played the brilliant F(Ion) c A(Nap) - Apu. Saving the brave soldiers for further action. On the other end of the spectrum A french order of Bur s Bur Hold in stead of the much needed Bur s Mun hold resulted in the loss of munich and perhaps more importantly the position of board leader just as the draw was agreed. Sad times.

Anyway a very enjoyable game in which I learnt a lot about the differences between F2F and online and was left wondering about the possibilities had I and my ally England not repeatedly misordered.

Some differences I picked up:
1. You are much more likely to misorder, take your time, get it right.
2. It is a lot harder to scheme and plot when people can see who you speak to
3. Given the shortness of time simpler is better. I repeatedly ran out of time to speak to everyone I wanted to
4. Not being able to negotiate around retreats and builds is huge. Make sure you factor that into your conversations.
5. You dont have time for emotions to cool, it often takes players time to get over stab, I found this took a few turns whereas online I often have two days to talk people around.

F2F was fun, we have agreed to do this twice a year in the UK up in Maccelsfield. I would encourage you to come along. Phlegmatic (who was an absolute star in organising) will post as a reply the details of how to come along next time.
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Re: MacCon Board 1 Day 1 - misorder mayhem

Postby Phlegmatic » 08 Mar 2019, 13:40

Thanks Brumark, a great AAR there of a game I really enjoyed watching, and thanks for your kind words about my organisation!
Pootleflump's Naples to Apulia convoy was a joy to watch - I think Italy might have sworn when he realised the army was not destroyed!

I completely agree with your comments at the end, regarding the differences between F2F and Online play - anyone planning a F2F game is well advised to take note.

The next MaccCon is planned for the weekend of 5th and 6th October 2019 in Macclesfield, Cheshire (consider it the MaccCon Fall Turn :D )
We already have a good number of players committed to returning and would love to have some new faces too, so please PM me if you're interested and want more details.

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Re: MacCon Board 1 Day 1 - misorder mayhem

Postby Brumark » 08 Mar 2019, 18:11

Comments from Jack:
Just two remarks:
1st. My assault in 1902 was not by opportunity, but planned, together with Germany. We just wanted to make sure you wouldn't build a fleet Mar, and move your units away from the Med, in 1901 and spring 02. Sorry for that

2nd. You made mistakes, Blackbird did, and me too, at least 3 times, of which 2 in a row, resulting in the loss of Venice and Rome. The other mistake was when attacking Brest with Germany. He supported me MAO-Bre, instead of me him ECH-Bre. Of course the support was cut by England.

So maybe it compensates a bit. It's true that FtF sees much more mistakes by the time constraint, but I think this adds more color to the game, and often leads to fun and laughter. Great game, great players, great experience!
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Re: MacCon Board 1 Day 1 - misorder mayhem

Postby The Tibetan Blackbird » 08 Mar 2019, 20:40

A good read, but rather traumatic to recall!
The Tibetan Blackbird
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