AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

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AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

Postby Aurelin » 08 Nov 2018, 22:26

The short version:

1. Aurelia is an idiot.
2. It’s possible to live long enough to get stabbed seven times.
3. No, that’s not a typo. Seven.

The long version:

Well, here we go.

They say history is written by the winners, and usually AARs are as well. I don’t care. I adored this game, despite failing at it miserably. I learned so much, and it made me better in so many ways. It’s the reason I’m used to sending paragraphs and paragraphs of text. It’s the reason I love FoW, the reason I’m so fond of three-days turn lengths.
My message count also went through the roof, particularly with Germany and Austria. Since I’ve never stopped being impressed at the flow of words flooding around Prussians Need Internet Too, I’ve counted them a few times, but since the number is fixed now, here’s my official count of messages from everyone. It’s probably not accurate, since I’m pretty sure only the mods can see it, so I did it by hand.

Russia: 8
Turkey: 8
France: 37
Italy: 83
Austria: 101
And Germany: A whopping 140. My messages with him were the longest too, we’d compose entire essays for each other.

The players were:
England: Aurelia1 (eliminated 1906)
France: AKFD (surrendered 1909) (you’re a little twerp)
Italy: DarthWader (3-way draw) (My brain half exploded when I found who he was) (I’m his favorite player here :D)
Germany: Mr Aedron (3-way draw)
Austria: Ah Shit I Crapped (3-way draw) (What kind of name is that?!) (It’s okay, I still want to Make Austria Great Again)
Turkey: war_horses (surrendered 1905)
Russia: Justinrs2 (eliminated 1904)

And DarthWader: Yes, part of that speech at the end of this is from that message I sent you.

Spring 1901

I sent out the usual greeting messages to everyone. Everyone seemed to be saying the same thing: Let’s make an agreement to share info with each other. Turkey seemed eager for everyone to get on the “punchtherussianstrain,” which I thought was quite funny. We all changed our minds about that later. Russia and Austria are polite, and France is goofy and friendly. Germany didn’t talk for a while, so I thought of allying with France. When he finally did, a little late, I changed my mind, but I told France I wanted a Western Triple because I’m dumb like that.
At this point, I already figured out that France is AKFD. Germany was going “how the hell do you know this,” but it’s actually quite easy. I write a lot, so I guess I notice writing styles naturally.
This is pretty important later.

I asked France for a bounce in the Channel and he said no. I don’t open to the Channel, and he does.
That’s stab on England #1. Keep track with me.

Fall 1901

The drama starts here.

Austria posted in the Public Press, “Death to the Russian-Turkish juggernaut!” As if “juggernaut” weren’t enough to make everyone panic. I asked Austria about it, and he told me that Russia had been mad because Austria was considering supporting himself to Galicia. He didn’t end up doing that, but Russia wanted him to give up Galicia and Rum to even the score. Turkey got angry because he wanted aggression against Russia straight from 01. To show he was still on the “punchtherussianstrain,” Austria forwarded his communications with Russia to Turkey (and later to me) and told me he hates doing it. NOTE: He does not hate forwarding messages. He forwarded things to me all the time, and I’m sure my notes to him got passed around too. Sorry ASIC. ;) They agreed for Austria to support Turkey into Rum, which Turkey didn’t take and a Russian unit appeared instead. With Russia, he told Austria he would be taking Rum by fleet, but instead took it by army.

Spring 1902

Germany told me that Turkey didn’t open to Armenia. Turkey told me a simplified version of that story (promising to open to Galicia then not following through), with the exception that Austria didn’t support him into Rumania. He also claimed he opened to Armenia then retreated once he saw he couldn’t count on Austria. Russia told me that when Austria declared he’d force Galicia, he got both Turkey and Italy to bring him down. I know now it wasn’t true on Italy’s part. Russia also told me that Turkey did not open to Armenia. Germany offers me Sweden for Belgium.

I’ll finish this later and I got eliminated, so I promise it won’t be seven pages. For now, I’ll say this: This was the most fun game I’ve ever played. I’ve finally seen the intricate web of political intrigue that happens when the players are dedicated, interesting, and smart. It’s really hard getting stabbed, and I think this game helped with that a lot. It showed me what Diplomacy really is, that despite everything, all the emotional disappointment and stress, I am up for it and can handle it. And can actually appreciate it. It taught me that you can respect someone so much and yet still want to throttle them. Take Germany, who you can see sent me the most messages. I really enjoyed my conversations with him and I feel like we built a rapport even through our units’ less than friendly interactions on the map. Even though he manipulated the hell out of me, he showed me that I should admire it and learn from it. That’s why I love this game. It really shows what a love-hate relationship is. You get betrayed, and you’re a good sport about it. Even through feelings of anger, you find it in yourself to honor them for it.

People say persistence is never giving up. That’s not true. I gave up when France stayed in the Channel. I gave up when Germany stabbed me in Belgium, when he took Norway. I gave up when he took St. Petersburg. The thing is, “giving up” isn’t permanent. You can throw your hands up and say you give up, but then take a deep breath and get back to work. I think that’s what persistence really is.
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Re: AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

Postby StarkAdder » 08 Nov 2018, 23:37

Great AAR, Aurelia. Makes me really want to communicate with you in a future game. Those who play Diplomacy like its a video game and try to accumulate as many SCs as possible miss the best part of the game -- the many messages we send, interpret and misinterpret as we try to figure out what everyone else really means. You've got me fascinated about 147319.

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Re: AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

Postby Phlegmatic » 09 Nov 2018, 00:57

Hehe, great AAR Aurelia. If it’s any consolation I am still sporting a few stab wounds from Mr Aedron too, from what was also my most enjoyable game on this site (although it has stiff competition from one that’s ongoing). I’m detecting a common theme... :)
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Re: AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

Postby DarthWader » 09 Nov 2018, 05:00

Hi Aurelia! Great AAR start, do finish it as you have a lot to offer!

I was always under the impression that there was a juggernaut. I concluded this because of the tepid messages I got from Russia. If Turkey actually moved to Armenia, Russian messages probably would not have been calm.

It looks like Turkey never actually moved to Armenia.

I do like the slower games, as there is more time to communicate. DW.
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Re: AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

Postby Mr Aedron » 09 Nov 2018, 16:06

Hi folks,

Marking it and will write mine over the next two weeks! I have another AAR already promised.
Jeez, Phlegmatic, get out of here! ;)

Really honored to have the highest number of messages and that you guys enjoyed the st... *cough* *cough* our interactions :mrgreen:

I myself learned that from Big Gun & Strategus. The best players are insane cutthroats, there is no way around it. Plus the stabs-heavy games are usually the funniest ones for me. Every season is a real puzzle & you need to scan for far fetched holes in your defense while not losing momentum on the attack.

Btw, I got my fair share of stabs in this game. ASIC (let's adopt that name) was delivering one after the other. Still mourning Russia though. He quit way too early (aka when my units were too far).
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Re: AAR: 147319. Prussians Need Internet Too

Postby Ah Shit I Crapped » 09 Nov 2018, 23:16

Hey Everyone!

Great recap, I'll try to provide the same at a later date . I'd be curious to hear everyone's thoughts. As I mentioned in the game, this was my first match (outside of two friend matches that got ended early) and was generally very pleased with my interactions with everyone (except France, where there was little to none).

I second Aedron's wish of wanting Russia to stick around. I'm happy I benefited, but I don't like that he raised the white flag so early. I am not entirely surprised, though, as he and Turkey was convinced Italy invaded me real early thanks to the early game theatrics. Points to Italy and Germany for helping me spread that lie.

Regarding the jugg, I was led to the same conclusion after speaking with Italy and catching Turkey and Russia in a lie. Fortunately, it was sniffed out early enough to keep the Turkish genie in the bottle and Russia back-footed.
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