AAR 142321. Prometheus

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AAR 142321. Prometheus

Postby Justinrs2 » 26 Apr 2018, 17:18

England- nulpoints (Substitute)
France- Kclark
Italy- Simianinja
Germany (SOLO)- Justinrs2
Austria- Surrendered
Turkey- Gr8cott
Russia- Green2018

Game Link: https://www.playdiplomacy.com/game_play ... _id=142321


Wow. What a crazy game. I suppose anytime things get into 1915 the game is crazy, but this was certainly not an exception. I thought most players, especially the final four remaining, played an excellent game. This was my first solo win on any online forum, before it had always been face to face. And I really had to work for it.

I messaged everyone in spring 1901, and for whatever reason France didn't message me back. Easy enough, then, I thought: England and I would take out France. I had cordial relations with the Russians, though I told them I would bounce them in Sweden. Austria, Italy and I had been trying to set up a Central Powers Alliance, but immediately there was tension between them, as Austria moved to Trieste instead of Galicia in the spring. It was no surprise then that in the fall Italy stabbed Austria for Trieste, and I was left with two quasi-allies who hated each other. France, meanwhile, finally got around to talking to me in the fall. I told him I was still against him, as I'd made agreements with England, but that was open to change if those agreements fall through. I was soon glad I made this distinction.

Spring 1902

Russia turned on me right away in 1902. My move to the Baltic Sea was mostly to secure Sweden, but I also realized it could deter exactly this kind of move. Regardless, it saved me from a sure SC loss, and broke Russia's attack. Immediately Russia claimed England had persuaded them to attack me, which made a bit of sense but could have been fake. Regardless, England had become a bit standoffish, and France had been continually messaging me, which I respected. In the fall I supported France into Belgium and prepared myself to take Norway next year. Russia I talked with and convinced I would not be going after him, as long as he left my centers alone now. He agreed. I'd end up keeping that promise, though I did take Russian home centers after they were already dead.

Things progressed steadily against England. I actually gained Edinburgh and Norway much quicker than I would have suspected against England, and began to move into St.Petersburg as my ally France made their own advance. Poor Austria was valiantly fighting, beating back Russia and Italy with Turkey's help but never getting as many builds as they needed or even had SCs for. Turkey stabbed Austria, and here the beginnings of the Turkey-Italy alliance could be clearly seen. After picking up St.P, a few turns go by where I'm just trying to prop up Austria and France is starting to shift units south to attack Italy. I warn Italy with plenty of advance that this is coming, as we are still sort of allies. But when the attack comes, Italy is pretty much helpless before it, and it looks like me, Turkey, and France will share a 3-way draw after we position ourselves as we will. So I do what I can to prevent that.


I'm not proud of this stab. I only gain two SCs and am now fighting on two fronts with not enough units on either. But it was kind of made out of desperation, a desperation born of seeing my window to solo rapidly closing. I had to roll the dice.

France immediately turns around, and to my annoyance Italy doesn't even immediately take back Tunis, recognizing it's in his interests to have France do well against me. I complete the stab taking Liverpool and entering Burgundy, but have difficulty making any more headway. Meanwhile Austria loses their last home centers and surrenders upon being confined to Warsaw (not sure if I blame them). On both sides I'm losing ground. I keep reaching out to all of the players, Turkey to tell them Italy is basically at their mercy, Italy to tell them the same thing and to be scared, France to say neither of us are going to win if we keep going at it like this. Eventually I'm locked into this position in Spring 1908:


France and I come to an agreement at this point. I convince him Turkey is in the best position with how easily they can take Trieste, Warsaw and Greece, and that I can either chase France around the board or we can make an alliance and actually gain something. I also say we have more than double the fleets Italy and Turkey have, and forcing our way into the Med shouldn't be difficult at all. I agree that France will take Denmark, and I London, and if they need a destroy, they can destroy Denmark, and I will not attack them. It seems to work, and we go back to working together.

I'm actually able to hold on in the East, ultimately taking Warsaw for myself as I bring more units over. Italy does take Tunis eventually and starts moving fleets west even as France moves their own south. We're coordinating, trying to force a way into the Med, even as I've already told Italy and Turkey that the game is over and we'll get a three-way for sure. The ruse works to save France, but not to allow them to advance, and soon we're in a 4-way stalemate position. Hell, at one point a four-way draw offer is made, and the only thing standing between that and success if France not accepting! Throughout this whole time I've been trying to tell Turkey they can easily kill Italy and reduce the number of people in the draw for everyone. In 1912, I tell France I want to try "one last thing" to take out Italy. In reality, I'm just going to give one last effort for the solo with a second stab. Sorry France, you didn't deserve me being as evil as I was. Soon before this, however, Turkey finally agrees they'll take out Italy. I'm not exactly sure why, but it was a godsend for me:


This is also a two-center stab, but with great opportunities in the future. I move against France while Turkey attacks Italy. I make steady progress while they get bogged down. For some reason they strip parts of the Eastern front to guard the Adriatic Coast, so I'm even able to break through on the Eastern front. I think they band together like 3 turns before I solo, but it's not enough, and I reach 19 centers at the end of 1915.

I made a lot of mistakes this game, but always seemed to recover from them. I benefited a lot from Turkey's Italian stab; without it I don't think I'd have been able to solo, though I think I could've gotten to 17 (just not Marseilles). I'm very interested to see what other players in this game have to say, particularly Turkey, Italy, and France, who fought hard until the end.
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