AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18)

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AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18)

Postby el Swine » 06 Mar 2018, 04:57

The players...

England - Dduck118 Winner!
France - ListenThinkListenAct
Italy - Windmill Crusader
Germany - Tim Von Bismark (I know! Name funny)
Austria - Bloggix
Turkey - NicPeer (surrendered :cry: ) replaced by Super Sub Florida Man :lol:
Russia - Ipphli

This was my first mentor game, it was a doosey. It went all the way to a solo win in 1923!!!

Here's the final map in fall 1923


This was a great game. A lot of players were true newbies, learning the mechanics of movement, tactics and strategies. It was a pleasure to observe and teach. From early on I encouraged not to play for safety as this was a learning experience, and to go on to the end.

I will leave it to the players to share their experiences, some strange and strong alliances formed, ultimately, the winner - England, was close to the most inexperienced player, but asked lots of questions and applied himself hard. He learnt fast!

My few observations. Windmill Chaser as Italy was an interesting highlight. His enthusiasm was overwhelming! Long, detailed, even aggressive communications with expansive and somewhat grandiose strategies. He drew a LOT of attention to himself. I've not seen someone paint such a large target on their own head so quickly before. I hope he's not scarred by the experience and returns to play, he has a lot to offer.

I thought France played an excellent game. In ordinary circumstances, meaning a game where experienced players were at it for ranking, I believe he would have gone very far, maybe even won. But he was not to know that the E/G/A alliance was inexplicably strong and that Germany would stick fast to rescue England from what would have been a terminal stab had Germany changed sides. This, I believe ultimately lost Germany the chance at a win. Stretched from Spain to Russia, a thin strip of beef in the sandwich, he was only going to be the enabler of another powers win. And so it turned out.

Special thanks to Florida Man for stepping into the breach and taking over Turkey.

Thanks to all who played, hope to see you back in the trenches soon
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Re: AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18

Postby Dduck118 » 06 Mar 2018, 18:49

Hey guys, and thankyou for and interesting and educational game.
I´ve had a lot of fun, and spent a lot of time just looking at the board, trying to guess what you guys where up to ;-).
My English is not perfect, but hope you get my meanings anyway.

Italy, I must say, you had a lot of plans, and for a newbie like me, it was overwelming :-). When you were talking big strategic, I was still trying to figure out why my "Edingburg move Norway" order failed :D :D , you where way ahead of me. Fortunatley, I was in no position to threaten/attack you, and did therefore not summon your wrath. I pitty the people who are facing you next :-).

Russia, you and I had kind of a rocky trip. My first plan was to keep allying with you, and we could speed down cross europe together. Somehow we got it all mixed up, and we ended as enemies. Cant help wondering what we could have acomplished together. You have my respect for playing it all till the end, and I wish you the best. I´ve spend a lot of time, trying to guess your next move.

France, we started the great alliance, with G and A, and it worked quite well....for a while ;-). If I had been in your place, I would have attacked UK as well, you choose the right time. I left my home completely unguarded, and if G had not come to my rescue, I´ve had no chance against you. You slowly, but steady growed your territory, when the rest of us where busy elsewhere. My luck was that just houres before your attack, I was offered to enter the EGA alliance, where we promised eachother to come for aid, if one of us got attacked. Germany kept his word, good for me, but on the cost of you. If he had´nt, you would have gone far. I salute you, you gave me quite a lesson

Old turkey, well, we never got the best friends, and your taunting messages where not something I would do, but nonetheless, you played it great. You waited for just the right moment to "explode" all over russia and austria. I was very worried that we would not be able to stand against you. I don´t know why you left the game, but I assume you had a good reason. I wish you all the best.

New Turkey, we did not play together for long, but you took the task of facing a very strong E/G alliance, and you gave us hell of a fight. Thankyou very much for standing in when we needed a player.

Austria, we never had direct contact on the field, but we wrote A LOT of messages talking tactics. You where always there to help me with orders and so. You held of the Turkish hordes for a loooong time, so that G and I could build up our forces. Sadley, we were not able to come to your rescue, untill it was too late. Please belive me when I say that I really wanted to come to your aid, and did NOT just stall on purpose. Hope to see you ingame again.

Germany, my sweet germany, ally, friend, brother and trusted. We had a great thing going, and I would have liked to see the two of us alone, equaling our forces, ready for amargeddon. It would have been an epic fight :-).
Nonetheless, half my victory belongs to you, I don´t need to tell you why :-).
The teacher told us to fight untill the end. I would have happily agreed a draw with you. Godspeed my friend.

I wish you all good things :-)

Sincerely Anders / UK
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Re: AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18

Postby Dduck118 » 06 Mar 2018, 20:45

Ofcause, also thankyou to the teacher to spend time learning us newbees about this game :)
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Re: AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18

Postby NicPeer » 08 Mar 2018, 22:28

Hi all,

Really enjoyed the game. I never 'surrendered' . I fell ill with a really nasty flu and tried to continue playing from bed (but badly so) and found out when I started recovering I had been ‘deleted’. Oops. Sorry about that.

Regards and maybe see you in next game,

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Re: AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18

Postby FloridaMan » 09 Mar 2018, 01:12

Interesting account by the winner of the game. Although I would've liked to have made a comeback from a battered and beaten down power to solo, I knew from when I took over Turkey that probably wasn't going to happen. What are you going to do? :)

I thought it was an interesting experience. I would give a word of advice to the player behind Germany, if that player is following this thread... you need to communicate more. I wanted to work with you, but I was basically continuously calling a phone that never picked up. Then I more or less gave up. If we had coordinated more, we could have stopped England. On the other hand, you clearly had some other aspects of the game going very well. So, I'd say you should keep going, but try to play when you have more time to communicate, or try to fit more communication into the time you do have.

To all: I hope your next game is a good one!
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Re: AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18

Postby Bloggix » 09 Mar 2018, 17:30

A great analysis by Anders, thanks for an interesting and balanced read. Also, I was very grateful that most players were working in their second language and doing a great job. Thanks for putting up with the only native speaker! Ricci.
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Re: AAR 139089. Se7en deadly sins (Mentor Game early Jan '18

Postby WindmillCrusader » 13 May 2018, 06:24

Holy shit, I didn't get to see this until now. I really should check my forum messages. Anyways, I'm still continuing to play Diplomacy, still making lots of mistakes, still getting the occasional victory, but I'm doing okay. All right, I'll get to reading this later, there's a few things I have to do first.
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