AAR: 139573. Into the Breach! (Jan. 15 Mentor Game)

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AAR: 139573. Into the Breach! (Jan. 15 Mentor Game)

Postby Machiara » 28 Feb 2018, 20:55

ENGLAND george_s (4way DRAW)
FRANCE Shyvve (4way DRAW)
ITALY Chops1970
GERMANY Justin Martyr (4way DRAW)
AUSTRIA warlord106 (4way DRAW)
TURKEY Philip Darlim
RUSSIA willie23

Congratulations everyone! France, Germany and England pulled it together at the end to force the four-way draw, although if the original France hadn't surrendered it was entirely possible that Austria would have soloed this game.

Now it is time to hear the thoughts of the players! Let us know how you thought the game went, what you thought of the mentoring format, and any lessons you might have learned from the game. Thanks so much for being a part of it!

Link to game: https://www.playdiplomacy.com/game_play ... _id=139573
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Re: AAR: 139573. Into the Breach! (Jan. 15 Mentor Game)

Postby Shyvve » 28 Feb 2018, 22:45

I'll start this off but there's not much to say really. I joined as France just before the Spring '07 moves were due and had sufficient time to try to organize a response to the situation shown below.

So, a 14-center Austria needing only four more centers to solo. Putting the two remaining Turkish centers in Austria's camp gets him to 16 and then needing any two of Tun, Mar, Mun, Ber or StP for the win.

England and France had enough fleets to get into Tunis and Tyn (even though Austria was allowed to briefly slip into Tunis for a turn). The issue was convincing Germany that Austria would be moving to threaten Mun and Ber on the S07 turn and that Germany needed to point his armies west ASAP.

Enough time was left for negotiating the whole reversal of direction between E, F, G before the S07 deadline so that we were able to form a line vs Austria in just the nick of time.

Congratulations to Austria for getting as close as he did, basically only one turn away from sealing his solo. Thanks to England and Germany for realizing we had to act together immediately to avoid Austria taking it. And to Turkey for graciously conceding the draw a phase or two earlier than strictly necessary.

I never had any interaction with the Russian or Italian player.

The game ended before the deadline for the F'08 turn, so I only played three full movement phases.

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Re: AAR: 139573. Into the Breach! (Jan. 15 Mentor Game)

Postby Philip Darlim » 28 Feb 2018, 22:48

That was a fun game. It would have been more fun had I won, but what game is not? Congrats to everyone in the draw especially Austria who played a really good game.

As Turkey naturally my biggest concerns were Austria and Russia at the beginning of the game. Therefore I cut deals with my two neighbors to divide the Balkans. In fall 01 Russia did me a big favor by declaring war on Austria. I went back and forth on who to ally with but eventually picked Austria as an ally. My Austrian alliance when well and I expanded as far as Sev, Rum, and Bul in Fall 02.

In Spring 03 the wheels fell off for me. Russia was a crumbling 2 center power beset on all sides by England, Germany, Austria, and myself but I felt I had no room left to expand except into Austria. I tried to gather Germany and Russia into an alliance against Austria and I thought I had but the Austrian army in Rum was a blow to my hopes. By Fall 03 I was back to my starting position.

04 was a defensive year for me. I was trying to hold on. 05 saw me working with Austria again, but in all honesty I was essentially an Austria puppet and enclave by this time. It wasn't really a surprise when in Fall 06 Austria took Con and Sev. The rest off the game for me was consisted of entering orders and Austria's messages telling me to give up.
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Re: AAR: 139573. Into the Breach! (Jan. 15 Mentor Game)

Postby willie23 » 01 Mar 2018, 03:42

It as an excellent expiriance, as well as my first ever game of diplomacy. I do recall the time I publically declared war on Austria. :| Rather stupid of me actually. Austria did excellent, he was always honest with me yet he was still able to trick me...

Turkey had me fooled though. That is where I was shot. I expected Turkey to help me against Austria. I did not develope any solid enough alliances except with England. And England and me never really met on the map. Anyway, I made a friend out of the game. And I learned that Saint Pete SC cannot move to Sweden. Also I learned that “the board never lies”. Something that helped me do well in a game recently.

Thank you Machiara for doing such a great teaching job. I hope to see all of you in a future game.

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