AAR 137239 Standard Gunnersaurus X

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AAR 137239 Standard Gunnersaurus X

Postby mhsmith0 » 23 Dec 2017, 01:19

I don't think it's especially common to do gunboat AAR's but I thought that this was a pretty interesting game. Below are my semi-edited thoughts on game progression and the like:


Spring 1901
The southern section went about as bad as I could have imagined, with Russia getting into Galicia, Italy going after Austria, and no lucky break of Turkey doing something weird or anti-Russian. THANK GOODNESS England and France bounced in ENG, that made my life far easier than it could have been.

Fall 1901
It's really hard for Russia to know what Germany is going to do, but sitting in Galicia and Austria being a mess, it's just generally likely for a decent Germany to bounce Russia and slow down his growth. I think Russia probably should have gone GOB-Baltic there, although if he gets Sweden he's doing GREAT early. In gunboat that's just which chance you want to take.
I have no real clue what Italy was up to there, he really stymied his growth, not to mention taking a MAJOR chance that Austria didn’t just defensively move Tri-Ven (which basically kills him off there). Going for Greece is also questionable; at that point he really needs his build.

Winter 1901
I don’t really remember this one that well tbh. Looks like I'm basically making a neutralish build; the navy is pro-French, but the west focus is pro-Russia. France building a navy is really helpful for me (ESPECIALLY since it’s south-facing).

Spring 1902
Yeah I don’t think I’m ever not going after Belgium there. France marching into Rurh was a pretty decent countermove tbh.
Austria going hard after Italy (not a threat) instead of Russia (a really big threat) or Turkey (ditto) was pretty questionable. Thank goodness England was relatively friendly in this spot.

Fall 1902
Here I just get really lucky that France leaves Paris wide open. On the flip side, Austria is nearly toast, and he’s also taking chunks out of Italy instead of doing anything against R/T. I catch a minor break that Turkey goes after Russia weakly; this makes R/T a lot less doable.
OTOH Italy seemingly forgot to grab a Tunis build, and left Ionian Sea WIDE open for Turkey.

Winter 1902
Definitely a non-standard build order here, with German fleet number THREE on the board, but it’s kind of obvious that England is a potential major issue that I’ll need to deal with. France is also pretty much toast at this point.

Spring 1903
I finish off the relevancy of France’s armes; even their temporary retreat to Belgium isn’t much of an issue. Meanwhile Austria continues to go after Italy instead of defending his home against Russia; then again, I almost wonder if Russia being TOO successful was part of why Turkey started to move against him (alternatively: because Turkey already broke through into Ionian and neither Austria, Italy nor France were capable of stopping him down south). Russia going after England at the same time as I went after England was pretty convenient on my end though.

Fall 1903
Kind of boring on my end? Mainly consolidation; right now I was the 2nd most powerful player in terms of centers and positioning (Turkey having a Russian enemy was dangerous, but I/A/R were all weak and not really capable of coordinating against him).

Winter 1903
I park that army build in Munich and just let it SIT, enabling me to put my energies elsewhere. Russia built desperately needed armies, and the stalemate position between R and T started to take hold.

Spring 1904
I finish off France, and start to circle around a bit against England. Russai moving into GOB not a good sign for me, but worst case I’ll just lose Sweden for a while. Russia CLEARLY needs to focus to the south on Turkey at this point if he doesn’t want to get totally overrun. Losing Romania was bad for Russia but far from a death blow.
Italy and Austria continue to fight each other for no particularly apparent reason. England is becoming the Mediterranean power standing in Turkey’s way; not sure if his fleet in Spain was good for me (stands against Turkey) or bad for me (enables him to fight me harder up north)

Fall 1904
I lose Sweden, not a huge deal and it at least prevents Russia from potentially destroying in the south.
England is fighting the good fight against Turkey, and I’m taking advantage by screwing him up north. I feel a bit bad but if I'm to have any shot at a solo, England needs to go.
Turkey makes an interesting move supporting Italy against England, and Austria against Italy. I kinda think Turkey would have been better off going Wmed->NAF and TyrSea->Wmed to lock in positioning in the area and potentially break into MAO.

Winter 1904
Not sure it was correct to build an army there for Turkey. Defensible... but fleets gets him with numbers through to MAO, which is I think the long term goal Turkey most needs to achieve given the lack of coordinated defense in the area.

Spring 1905
Turkey’s army goes to Arm and will mainly be there to defend Sev I lose North Sea but gain anti-England position; if Russia wasn’t fully wrapped up in fighting Turkey I’d have an issue from letting Baltic Sea area go undefended... but I think my blatant appeasement of Russia kind of pays off here.

Fall 1905
I continue circling around my forces to fight harder against England; I’m pretty much fully committed to the fight at this point. Turkey continues to gain in the south; Italy and Austria are essentially eliminated at this point, with precious little seemingly standing in the way of a solo effort. England getting a build is bad news for me :(

Winter 1905
Turkey makes a minor error here IMO. I don’t think an army was helpful at all for him; in most worlds, double fleets lets him push faster with less exposure.
England’s build enables him to hold onto Liverpool, delaying my growth by a LOT. :( :( :( :( :(

Spring 1906
I take a stab at England’s mainland, fail. If I’d convoyed to Yorkshire, England is toast. Alas. Turkey is maneuvering for growth…

Fall 1906
Russia, not Turkey, in Trieste. Unfortunately for Russia, this comes as I blast into Sweden (I REALLY cannot allow Russia to keep a navy in the area and I do need growth to get at England). England also will pick up Marseilles, and instead of being dead he’s GROWING. UGH. Fortunately the compensation for my continued dominance of France’s homeland is a good position to push against Team Orange in the future.

Winter 1906

Spring 1907
Kind of a mess up north, but in the South I take Marseilles, much needed both for a build and to force England to destroy. Turkey also is stopped from being able to force MAO, which means I have the time I desperately need to put England to rest.

Fall 1907
I keep Marseilles, and my England-facing front is heavily defended. A cursory examination of the game board woudl suggest that Turkey is way ahead... but I think my positioning is actually decent, AS LONG AS I can get rid of England on a timely basis.

Winter 1907
England opens up Iberia to Turkey. No choice really even if it's annoying for me. Turkey makes his (IMO) fateful mistake, double building armies when they really don’t have anywhere helpful to go, and I was in position to EVENTUALLY shut the door on England (and once I did, then I could potentially block off MAO). It was also nice on my end that Russia had to destroy Finland; this enabled me to focus fully on England and positioning towards MAO against Turkey.

Spring 1908
Turkey takes Spain, and I’m back in North Sea. I also make it to Tyrolia, and that means I can impact things in the Balkans and put a lid on Turkey’s ambitions in the area. This also has the nice effect of forcing F Venice to park there, which means Turkey has less sea power and less operational flexibility than it would like.

Fall 1908
FINALLY! I hit the point where England can’t actually defend me, and I catch a good break with Turkey bouncing MAO preventing England's assault on Brest from hurting. My Mar-MAO action also prevented Turkey from penetrating MAO, and that extra turn delay was I think important there :)

Winter 1908
Double destroy for England, growth for Turkey and me. Turkey doesn’t seem to realize this yet, but this is now a race to see who can gain dominance over MAO first... and I think I'm actually winning that race. I have the added disadvantage of needing to get rid of England, and Turkey has the disadvantage of my presence in French soil, particularly Marseilles.

Spring 1909
An absolutely critical set of results. I bounce turkey out of MAO and successfully convoy an army into Yorkshire. I also luck into Brest not getting tagged, but honestly that doesn’t even really matter. England is toast regardless; what really matters is holding down the MAO line.

Fall 1909
England is back in North Sea, but I’m in Liverpool and London so he’s down to one.
Turkey is in MAO but I’m in Spain and have fleets in the area. I’m PROBABLY ok, but his fleet in Ionian Sea is a reinforcement that I do NOT want to see become relevant.
I also think that it was a fairly critical mistake for Turkey to retreat into Portugal there. Leaving that supply center in English hands means that Turkey can pretty much count on England being a rogue power that can’t fully be stopped. Without that critical center (and Turkey can always take it whenever), England becomes basically impotent, and I can afford to largely ignore him and instead focus on winning MAO to deny Turkey 18.

Winter 1909
Fleet Keil, Army Munich. My eastern flank is well defended, my A Tyrolia can do stuff, and I have enough navies to potentially force MAO unless Turkey works VERY hard to make all the right moves (and probably needs some luck too). I think that, despite a lower number of supply centers, I'm actually winning right now, mainly because Turkey is bound up in an unwinnable fight against Russia, and my units are free to ram through MAO and prevent him from hitting 17 much less a higher number.

Spring 1910
Turkey moves not to Tunis and then NAF/WMED to reinforce MAO, but to Tyr to make a Marseilles play. Probably it was too late for MAO anyway, but that made it official. It also means that if I force MAO, I can then force my way into NAF/Tunis unless Turkey plays carefully.

Fall 1910
Turkey takes Spain. I don’t really care tbh (the potential fleet build is unfortunate, but I can live with it). I get F Brest so England dies and I can completely focus on Turkey and I don’t need to destroy. I also force MAO. Turkey’s path to 18 now only exists through Russia.

Winter 1910
England dies (a heroic effort to stymie me for multiple years though... I was legitimately impressed). That new Turkish fleet is trouble but it’ll be some time before it becomes relevant.

Spring 1911
I move into North Africa AND force MAO with a second navy. This is why I think Turkey really needed to be shoring up his naval presence in WMED/NAF instead of going after Marseilles a few turns earlier.

Fall 1911
Tunis falls and now Turkey really lacks any kind of realistic path to a solo barring Russia just throwing for him.
This also marked the last time I bothered to make a three-way draw offer. I basically figured if Turkey could see his doom well enough to realize that a 3-way was probably his best out, then he could see his doom well enough to potentially do SOMETHING to mess with me along the way.
And if he couldn’t, well, then I have a pretty straightforward path to achieving all centers on the Versailles line; Norway is an easy stab whenever I want, and moving a fleet into GOB/BAL forces STP open as well

Winter 1911
Theoretically this fleet is built for MAO and surrounding area. In actuality it's built to try and force my way through STP.

Spring 1912
Yeah I basically have to stab. Feel kind of bad for Russia here, he's done everything he could, but I'm pretty sure I have a pretty easy path to 17 on the Versailles line (Turkey should be thrown out of Iberia by end of 1913 at the very latest I think given positioning), and I should be able to play around with taking shots at Italy and defending my chokehold around Munich-Berlin pretty effectively. I don't see how I can't at the worst set up a 17 supply center stalemate line, and I almost HAVE TO try for the solo here.

Fall 1912
Well spring went GREAT for me and now that’s one Turkish navy destroyed.
There are worlds where I can hold Tunis, but getting rid of Portugal and establishing an unbreakable wall IN FRONT OF MAO is I think the much larger priority, so I abandon Tunis in favor of a heavy attack on Wmed, while at the same time going Mar-Spain to make sure that Turkey can’t swing anavy in there (with a semi-reasonable shot of getting my army there too).
Up north…
Convoy to Livonia, if successful, is pretty much ballgame. Supported move to Finland also ensures that I can’t ever be locked out of STP, so that’s almost inevitably my 17th.

Winter 1912
I THINK I’ve basically locked up the win. No way for STP to NOT fall by the end of 1913, and as long as I push east heavily in spring 1913, I think I can lock in Warsaw too. I might also have an outside shot at Tunis, though I think that’d be a 1914 thing at best most of the time.
Obvious builds here are armies in Berlin/Munich, to be sent eastward in the spring.

Spring 1913
Berlin goes to Prussia unopposed, Munich goes to Bohemia supported by Tyrolia, and I should have lock numbers on Warsaw in the fall. Probably Sil-War supported by Livonia bounces but I guess we’ll see? If STP tries to cut support on Livonia, it’ll fall to the double attack one season earlier than expected, and then it’s just a matter of push push push push on Warsaw until it falls. I can also take a shot at both Italy (if Turkey moves from Tuscany to GOL) and Tunis (if Tyr does anything other than support Tunis).

Spain to Gascony (ensuring numbers on Marseilles in the fall if for whatever reason Turkey takes a shot at it in the spring), MAO to Spain SC supported by A Portugal, WMED to Tunis supported by NAF, Piedmont attacks Tuscany, Tyrolia attacks Venice, and I think I’ve got strong numbers in the region.
In particular, any movement towards GOL on Turkey’s part fails…
Tyr-GOL: Tunis falls
Tuscany-GOL (presumably TYR then either supports Tunis or attacks into WMED while GOL goes into Mar): my army gets into Tuscany, and then it can go to Rome forcing F TYR to either defend Rome and sacrifice Tunis, or defend Tunis and sacrifice Rome

And I have good odds of hitting Warsaw and making it all irrelevant anyway.

Edit: OK Russia chose me to win by killing STP. Nor-STP supported by Finland always hits, and then I can double up on Warsaw Liv-War supported by Silesia. Gg I think?

Fall 1913
Yep, gg. I basically just stand my units and mutually support and finalize. Not really any point to pushing for 20 here.

PS During my comeback efforts I think I played this like a dozen times :P

("hero's come back" was song name btw)
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Re: AAR 137239 Standard Gunnersaurus X

Postby FloridaMan » 07 Mar 2018, 19:12

You told the tale well, and I was surprised to find it so interesting and entertaining in spite of the total lack of any dialogue with the other players. Maybe there should be more gunboat AARs? :)
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