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135163. Culloden - A Mentor Game

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2017, 22:53
by Charleroi
Well played everyone. This was a very well done match by a group of new players the overwhelming majority of whom stuck it through to the end. The results are:

ENGLAND (NoahTopper)
FRANCE (Pb10gon)
ITALY (Jcowboy)
GERMANY (Dandrus)
AUSTRIA (Perses) Solo Victory
TURKEY (Giebenrath)
RUSSIA (gnaah)

And the final map

Re: 135163. Culloden - A Mentor Game

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2017, 02:29
by Perses
As I haven't done this before this may get a bit... Sloppy. I apologies for these discrepancies in advance.

I would first like to thank everyone who played and stuck with it, here. I think this is important because I got along wonderfully with most of you, and those of you I did not, well, I hope we can play again, and maybe get along better there. Major points to the teacher for being a helpful fellow and reminding me of the rules or clarifying when I needed it.

I suppose I should start out in Spring 1901, shouldn't I? Well, at that point, I was the last to confirm playing and the first to send messages. I sent one to everyone. They basically had the same meaning phrased differently; I would like to work with you and I would like these areas to not be touched upon (in the case of England or France I made obtuse gestures about where I would like to expand and where we could help each other) and here is why we will work very well together. Having read many AAR's at behest of a friend who plays on this site and recommended me to it, I had pretty good arguments.

By the end of spring 1901 I was pretty sure everyone was buying what I was selling, except Turkey and Russia, who sent very few messages, and were generally very evasive. This made it easy for me to reach out to Germany and say "hey we should be friends!" and Germany accepted. We were friends all game, up an until that last move by myself. No hard feelings I hope. Eventually we decided that adding Italy to our group and dominating everyone else was a good idea, and we subtly prodded Italy into 'starting' our alliance, which won me the game. The CPA (Central Powers Alliance). This was the instrument through which I won the game. We just established this as Spring of 01 ended, but that was more than enough for me.

I was seeing no red flags from anyone except Russia and Turkey, who I was planning on fighting anyways. Most of this turn was spent on convincing Russia to fight Turkey, and trust me just a little more than Turkey. I guess I succeeded. He did not move to Galicia or Rumania in 01. Here is the map of the first move. ... 63-1-O.png ... 63-1-B.png

1902 was the other turn in which I sent lots of messages. These were hammering out who gets what where and what we say to the others. It came down to say whatever, just tell us what you say and if it particularly outlandish, tell us first! We might want to have time to get the idea enforced elsewhere. In the end it was Austria vs Turkey/Russia with help from Germany and Italy vs France with help of Germany. Italy and Germany would draw England in and stab him after France. A good plan.

Russia sent me a message saying that they were not sure what had gone wrong between us in 01 and wanted to patch things up. I said his slow responses had been infuriating and I thought he was consorting with Turkey and asked him to disprove my theory. He said he would, but it was too late in the year anyways. Maps!

Maps. ... 63-3-O.png ... 63-3-R.png

1903-5 is really slow politically. It is just convincing people to do this move for that reason, and small gains against those I am working against. Germany grows the most at this time, taking all of Russia's SC, save Sevastopol, which I get, and Turkey NMRing and me taking basically all of their SC in 05. I hear nothing from France really except they want help which I intend to give, but they get knocked down to 1 SC, Portugal in 05. I am not the best to talk about this period in the board, as nothing really happened for me politically and it was really forgettable. The map tells what I know. We went from this - ... 63-4-R.png
to this - ... 3-11-O.png

That is all I know about these years. I knew who was moving where in this time, I had no clue why though. It was all really confusing.

1906 was the year I decided to attack Germany eventually for the win. Germany had the chance to get lucky in what was France or England or anywhere or stab me or whatever. I had talked him into moving away from me while I sent armies east he was heading west, done in the east, This I knew left his eastern SC open for my taking. I just had to find the time to take those sweet sweet SC. It was soon I thought, but not now. I chatted with France about what I might do maybe. The teacher responded with what amounts to good luck with your plans. I didn't take Italy's SC this turn so Germany couldn't take Marseilles or Brest in 07 if I failed to take enough SC to win. I wanted to have an assured win, not a shaky one. It was shaky enough already. One second of doubt and I lose. I would have to strike quickly in 1907, but first, the fall map. ... 3-11-R.png

1907. I was in position and had to take the shot or risk losing. The only messages I got were France talking me into it and hyping me up. I took the shot. I won. Germany was not happy. I told him diplomacy is a game of the biggest monster, the first part is looking like a sheep the second part is killing other monsters and still looking like a sheep the final part, is killing your last sheep, where everyone realizes this man is a monster. I am a monster.

Map. ... 3-13-O.png

Final. ... 3-13-B.png

P.S. I just had to rewrite this really quickly, and did not want to didn't have enough time to be extremely thorough, or revise this. I may have misordered a few things, but that was how the game played for me, and how I remember it. Past 1902 I was super confident I was on the winning team, and in 1905 I realized I could win. I never doubted I would be anywhere but the final 3, at worst. Every move was made with confidence and every message except the one I miss-sent to Italy about how I was going to destroy Italy, was planned out strategically to make me look as harmless as possible. In the end it worked. Everyone was helping me or talking to me in the end. I also did exactly as I promised, except on the turn I won. Do not lie, but feel free to twist the truth a bit in this game. Only lie if you can kill the person you lied to.