AAR 130529: "Why is my blood on your knife?" [4 way draw]

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Re: AAR 130529: "Why is my blood on your knife?" [4 way draw

Postby Iggy » 21 Aug 2017, 01:18

AleBelly wrote:
Iggy wrote:
AleBelly wrote:1905
After the moves, his explanation is that my absence of communication led him to believe that I was going to stab him. I really hope he chimes in here to tell me if this is bullshit or not.

I wasn't planning to move on you yet. I did have big hopes for a solo but was wanting to wait on that move. I didn't think the time was right yet, and proved to not be with your moves as well. Had we talked here, it would have been another season or so before I tried to solo... might have been more effective too! :D

Yeah, I wasn't sure. My rationale behind my move was that I wanted to keep you from soloing, but I didn't move as strongly against you elsewhere as I could have. At that point I knew I'd lose a race to the solo, but I was trying to keep the door open to a 2-way.

I had also been playing a game of chicken against England. I was hoping he'd balance out his defensive forces to help keep the two of us on even footing, but that didn't happen.

I was more than happy to work for the 2 way. I think it would have been interesting. That said, while I'm not quite a "purist" that wants all games to end in a solo, I do think that if you have a chance to pull it off, it's kind of a shame not to try! They seem so rare, at least for me, anyway.

So, I was happy to try to dual but fully expected you to try to solo if we did that and I left the door open. Same for me - if the door was wide open, I'd be hard pressed to not walk through. That said, in this case, it was truly the silence that got me nervous and made me shift positions. I probably could have done it a little less aggressively to try to preserve the dual if you weren't moving but figured with our passed 'issues' that once I moved, the dual would be dead and I might as well press to see if I got the solo - hope that makes sense... I felt I "had to do it" based on thinking you weren't going to sit still.
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Re: AAR 130529: "Why is my blood on your knife?" [4 way draw

Postby cairoblue » 23 Aug 2017, 23:08

Sorry, I've not participated in the conversation to date, although I didn't cover myself in glory and last long enough to have much worth saying!

I certainly appreciate the contributions to date.

My biggest initial problem was my circumstances changed not long after the game started so I had limited talk time so I tried to play it cool and be nice and keep options open. When England broadcast to the whole board that we'd agreed to a DMZ in EC I was relieved as I felt it inevitable that he'd stick to the arrangement and if he didn't that other players wouldn't trust him and I could turn them against him.

Of course, that didn't happen and Italy, waiting for his chance to pounce on the first injured neighbour sealed my fate. I'm glad you all went on to have a good game.

I'd be happy to play another game with you folks and am with a number of you already!
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