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AAR - Mentor Game 130313 (5-way draw)

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2017, 05:46
by drnomeansyes
This game ended a bit sooner than I anticipated, but a substantial surrender that couldn't be filled pushed it towards a game with an inevitable outcome that was best ended sooner rather than later. Kudos to all that stuck through to the end!

England (dutchblitz) - WINNER
France (jd5)
Germany (jytreburg Foibleson edmgrim) - WINNER
Italy (ziga192837) - WINNER
Austria (p0ck3tninja) - eliminated
Turkey (amalanr) - WINNER
Russia (Hybrid) - WINNER

What started out as a clear Juggernaut alliance seemed to continue without resistance as squabbles between the other nations prevented any organized resistance. Austria never really had a chance in the beginning, he made some definite tactical errors and clearly wasn't able to swing Italy over to his side in the face of a clear R/T alliance. Italy held out for an impressively long time against Turkey, and probably would have lasted longer with French help had France not surrendered (and also because of Turkish hesitance and a Turkish fleet in Venice). Germany's path was fraught with multiple surrenders, and an ever-changing strategy when it came to targets. He never really seemed to be on anyone's side (except Russia at various points) and was the target of some opportunistic strikes as a result. England started strong because of a wide-open Denmark, but placed himself geographically such that he could only strike Russia or Germany, and Germany was in a much better position to fight England than help him. Especially once Germany was expelled from France and started building several fleets, I think England should have pulled out to the point where Germany could have been helpful against Russia, or coordinated more effectively with France to strike Germany on the ground.

Russia and Turkey were a great example of how effective a 1901 Juggernaut can be. Neither was put in a particularly vulnerable position, and both had opportunities to stab but seemed to realize they had more to gain by remaining allied. There were good "fence" units (see Bulgaria/Rumania) and clearly the trust was well established. The larger point to make to the other nations would be that you absolutely have to rally the board if you see such an alliance form. Those 1901 moves are unmistakable. Both Austria and Italy, at the very least, have to immediately forget whatever happened in S01 (if it shows that early, which it did here) and push back in tandem or they both will be eliminated. Italy is generally the harder to convince because he's slightly more removed from destruction, but 95% of the time he will fall right after Austria does, usually about the time Germany starts to fall unless immediately allied with England.

Space here reserved for my other thoughts, but please post your thoughts on the game and its progression!

Re: AAR - Mentor Game 130313 (5-way draw)

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2017, 23:19
by edmgrim
I also have some thoughts, but prefer to reserve them until I have seen what others have to say.