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Re: AAR - 130005. Effectively Wild

Postby Iggy » 27 Jun 2017, 03:46

I'm not sure how anyone could start talks about a two way from the position we were in without it being obvious that the solo would be the ultimate goal. With the DIAS rules, I'd imagine that garnering a two way victory would be much more difficult than a solo.

Real life constraints was your biggest enemy and ultimate cause of failure more than any failed diplomacy. I get the feeling from some of his comments that England may have been more adventurous if time wasn't a factor as well.
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Re: AAR - 130005. Effectively Wild

Postby Alman » 27 Jun 2017, 05:10

Great AARs. Thanks for the work.

I enjoyed hearing your thoughts StarWatcher, although knowing you were considering the stab made me shudder a little, even in hindsight. I worried much less about you. Of course one of the reasons I kept units home most of the time was just in case you got frisky. It would buy me time to reverse. If you had both stabbed, I would have had to try some kingmaking maneuvers.

As for going for the solo. Austria had tried to goad me into going for the solo. I did not see any way of going for it, being between France and Russia as I was with the narrow holding in Germany. I knew that the three-way was my best option.

When Russia stabbed, I thought I might then have a shot at the solo and I considered how I might get there. I floated the idea of keeping Austria around and taking out Russia with the idea that if we went that direction, it would be the most likely path for me to try to solo. France, when you suggested the two-way draw to me, I figured that to be your thought about trying to solo too, so I was reluctant to see how hard you would push. When you decided to take out Austria, I decided that I didn't have a clear path to solo, and with RL being what it is, it was enough for me to think the draw was my best possible result.
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Re: AAR - 130005. Effectively Wild

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 05 Jul 2017, 19:44

I'm late in writing this... and really, I don't have too much to say. But it was a short and fun game for me, (Germany).

My communications started off okay I thought, though not as active as I would have liked as the game started right before a long flight, and the resulting jet-lag that set in.
From what I picked up at the time, England had written both France and me, and was basically bidding for who could give the better offer, which for some reason I didn't like. So I decided that I'd try and see if anyone was interested in a sealion.... My idea was to let Russia into Sweden on the condition that he'd build a northern fleet and that France would build a fleet in Brest...sort of a late Sealion. Things went pear shaped in Fall 01'. :| I guess I should have put more into my comms, but I didn't. Anyway, France supported England into Belgium. In the builds, Russia failed to build in St. Petersburg, and France didn't build in Brest either...and I began to worry.
Spring 1902, and I'm basically sunk. England, France and Russia all pounce on me, and Austria sends an army north into Bohemia to make me feel extra snug.
I disintegrated until the end of 1905 when I was finally eliminated...my only consolation being that I had outlived Turkey ( ;) ), and that the PP was ripe for the taking. :)
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