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Re: 126924. Sunstar Vista

Postby Tarsier » 19 May 2017, 02:26

I Love Italy wrote:Marking.

Do more than mark it! Let's hear your thoughts.
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Re: 126924. Sunstar Vista

Postby edmgrim » 19 May 2017, 04:17

bindlestiff wrote:... the issue that split us was not the disposition of units in the North, but you're insistence on controlling Trieste.

20/20 hindsight... two things:

First the possibility that our three-way relationship could survive was completely foreign to me. Thee was going to be an odd man out and I was determined that it would not be me.

Second, My issue with Trieste at the time was that Italy was still a potential threat. I was worried that this was a ploy to introduce me to a new Axis alliance. Had you stabbed France and committed to that, I might have been more open to relaxing along your southern borders.
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Re: 126924. Sunstar Vista

Postby I Love Italy » 19 May 2017, 06:28

Tarsier wrote:
I Love Italy wrote:Marking.

Do more than mark it! Let's hear your thoughts.

Oh, you will. It's just the middle of the week is a pretty busy time for me, so I don't have the time to post an AAR I'd be proud of.

Although, I do have one quick aside right now. Russia: when you asked if I worked against you because I thought you were cocky, that wasn't really it.

You did send me a message pretty much saying "work with me so that I can solo over Turkey." Maybe if we'd had a more solid relationship, I would've gone along with it. True, turkey had stabbed me, but so had you, if I remember correctly multiple times. Plus, I just felt turkey was friendlier, which sometimes is that little edge you need in this game.

As it is, I'm not the type to roll over and show my belly. I used this message as a catalyst to attempt to form an alliance with turkey to stop you from soloing because, even without my aid, you were still in a decent position. I was trying to wriggle my way into a situation where I'd be large enough that turkey couldn't attack me without exposing himself too much to me. I think I was getting close too, not that I have any illusions now that I wouldve ever got there. Turkey knew what I was doing the whole time, and he knew just when and how to step in in order to stop it. So kudos to him. But, it was really the only possibility I had of getting into a draw, so I had to shoot for it.
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