AAR 126956 3-way draw.

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AAR 126956 3-way draw.

Postby Cheat » 15 Mar 2017, 17:42

ENGLAND tomspencer87 (3way DRAW)
ITALY Cheat (3way DRAW)
GERMANY surrendered
AUSTRIA Door (3way DRAW)
RUSSIA surrendered

Feb 16 2017 03:18 (GMT+6)
Mar 14 2017 06:00 (GMT+6)

My reasons for writing this is to put my play for critique and suggestions. The game does have a slightly unfinished feeling to it ( partly because I was inclined to draw because of upcoming exams and the 12hr deadline). Also this is my first AAR so I apologise for the bad formatting/other technical errors.

This is the final board at the end of fall 1915

I will update this in parts.
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Re: AAR 126956 3-way draw.

Postby Cheat » 15 Mar 2017, 18:01

The game starts off on quite an intense note for me. I have just finished exchanging pleasantries when Germnay informs me that France is pushing for a Western Triple which starts off by singling me out. England also confirms this. So I take the opportunity to inform France that I know of the western triple and suggest that he would be better off having trustworthy allies like myself rather than those who leaked info of a western triple. He bites; I am able to get a dmz and no fleets in Mars.

On the eastern front Russia doesn't reply my first message and doesn't make any attempt to communicate during the entirety of its existence.

Turkey replies and asks me about my plans to which I give a rather generic reply.

Austria proposes that I not move to tyrolia for the offer of Greece. I accept the offer and so begins our allaince.

Everything's works out okay in 1901
I am in Greece and chances of WTP seem finished although France does take 3 builds but I am not worried yet


Spring France moves to Mao and Spain south coast and Russia supports Austria to Bulgaria. I am worried, that my only friend Austria has a new friend :3 and that France could very well overpower me soon.
However, France indicates that this is part of his misdirection to convince England that he is coming for me. I realise that regardless of France's intention it would be best for me to go after him, if Austrian friendship works out my only expansion is going to be from west.
I blatantly ask Austria that I would need a build to take on France; negotiations end in a promise to slide me Serbia.
EG move on Russia and unfortunately conversations with both die out.

Brings the best news I could have asked for, both France and Austria carry through on their promises and also Germnay takes Warsaw( this I think is great because now Austria will have the opportunity to stab Russia and that should give me more importance as an ally).


From here on my progress was extremely slow , I will be doing these parts in a lot more detail because this is where I feel I was the most inefficient.the conquest of France was extremely slow and took me several years and was only successful when Germnay also came in.

The EG intensifies its grip on Russia with Germnay taking Moscow.
In the Balkans Austria and Russia are doing something I am not even trying to understand. The Balkans got muddier and I was happy to hold onto Greece and Serbia and provide Austria the occasional support.
On my part I take Western Mediterranean, gulf of Lyon, North Africa. Although France chooses to leave England alone and came back to defend its centers. Also France catches me slightly off guard and takes Piedmont (do you think this was an ill-timed move by me? My reasoning was that France was as far as it was going and also getting to him before his build via Liverpool was a good choice)

At this point I am worried about an Austrian stab but he is quite forthcoming and tells me that France messaged him and that he will be helping me hold Venice( although it wasn't needed it was better than having him move in there). He follows through on his promise. He also turns on Russia.
I take MAO leaving western med unoccupied. But this also has the effect of allowing France to retreat to protugal. Image

France is in strong defensive positions and I am worried about being stuck here. But to my relief Germany and England turn their attention to France after all but taking Russia out. Austria too is making gains on the expense of Russia. Now I have absolutely surrounded France by sea tho. But come the retreat phase Russia takes Greece and I am forced to destroy NAf

Something to be noted at this point is that Germnay has only fleet and England only one army and they have stopped replying to messages. Obviously I am quite worried as it would make a lot of sense for Austria to line up with Germnay. I am desperate to get England on my good side. His support will be useful regardless of whether Austria stabs( tho the proved himself to be a staunch ally). So I offer England support to take Brest, but I believe France at this point was try to pit me against England and Austria against Germany. Nonetheless England decieves me and attempts to take MAO (and fails). I also retake Piedmont and Austria surrounds Munich. Germany serves the first of his many NMRs.

In fall I take Marseilles and Greece but lose MAO to England. Austria is concentrated in its efforts against Germany . [ should I have done something differently at this point because England takes a good defensive position at this point, something that earned him a place in the draw]Image

England and Germany take Brest and Paris respectively while Austria leaves Munich and moves to Germany held Russian centers.Germany loses Belgium, Warsaw so he destroys the troop he had moved to tyrolia ( something I haven't quite understood since it threatened both mine and Austrias home centers). The destroys leave him vulnerable but nobody is in position to exploit it.
I on the other hand remain locked out of MAO, courtesy of England, and out of France as well. ( definitely looking for suggestions about these phases) . Although I see my first opportunity to stab Austria.Turkey (still surviving since Austria didn't want to kill it off) takes ccnstantipole back. I offer austria to move my fleet to Ionian and help out he agrees.Image

Driven by greed, I foolishly move to eastern med and spook Turkey. My chance to stab dissolves. Having lost the opportunity to stab I turn to Aegean to assist Austria :/. But I manage to take Spain and Portugal.
Austria takes Moscow from Germany, who retakes Belgium and Holland (from France and Russia.) and covers his rather exposed midsection. England takes MAO. So the end of 1907 marks the beginning of an extended stalemate like situation. Image

I am faced with Germnay on land and England on sea. I assist Austria to Constantinople who inturn supports me to Smyrna. My thinking at this point is that I want to take Gascony and Spain N.C instead of S.C . The following years include more of a back forth skirmish between me and Austria vs Germnay and England. Until Germnay loses Munich after which a series of NMRs make conquest of Germany and German-occupied France relatively easy. Breaking the English stalemates lines proves to a be tiresome job, tho not impossible but a long process and I am inclined to take a 3way and Austria only agree when I stab him. [sorry for the abrupt end but I feel my major area of concern is the earlier part of my moves]
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