121938 Akademie der Diplomatie

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121938 Akademie der Diplomatie

Postby gnaah » 12 Nov 2016, 00:39

This thread is for the after action reports of the mentor game 121938 , which ended in a 4 way draw between England, Italy, Austria and Russia.

Thank you all for playing.
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Re: 121938 Akademie der Diplomatie

Postby First Lord » 12 Nov 2016, 01:53

SPRING 1901 ...


The initial moves were actually quite standard for everyone except GERMANY

- the moral of that story is that if you do KIEL -> HOLLAND, one of the other two units has to move to KIEL - losing DENMARK to ENGLAND early on worked out to be catastrophic for GERMANY.

As for myself, RUSSIA, I made contact with everyone and decided that I could trust TURKEY but was a bit iffy about AUSTRIA and GERMANY. I think my trust of TURKEY might have been wishful thinking, I had the impression that they were an experienced player, and from my own considerable experience I have the impression that it is good for both RUSSIA and TURKEY if they co-operate. The LIVONIA + UKRAINE thing was a way to protect WARSAW in the event that both GERMANY and AUSTRIA came after me.

It looked like ENGLAND and FRANCE had an understanding as well as AUSTRIA and ITALY ( maybe with some limited input from GERMANY ). TURKEY might have had something going with AUSTRIA but RUSSIA was diplomatically isolated. Not good for me !

I remember having the thought that there the uncomfortable amount of Eastward motion had something do do with the army icons, everyone seemed to be pointing their rifles at me and I was presenting my back to be stabbed.
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