Lost RPG Future

Lost RPG Future

Postby Phatality » 21 Jul 2013, 20:24

So I know this has been dead in the water for awhile and there was a point when I thought we were going to make a comeback when AHarlequin came back but then disappeared again and hasn't been around for awhile. Since I hate seeing something I put a lot of effort in just fade away when there's an opportunity for revival if people are up for it. I don't have the time to solo GM as I did before but I was thinking.

If someone else is interested in GMing/coGMing then I can give them the necessary info and help (or not) as needed.

Obviously, preference would be given to the players who were in the game earlier, but I think a transition phase wouldn't be too difficult to pull off. If there's not as much interest and/or nobody wants to GM, then we could move this to archived (sadly).

If anyone wants any more details on how the game works or what I was thinking for the direction of the game before it was put on hold feel free to PM me about it or check out the other threads too.
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