Livonian War Spring 1564

4-player variant set in the Scandinavian-Baltic region in 1560. Devised and GMd by Shibabalo. Winner: Denmark/Norway (diplomat42)
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Livonian War Spring 1564

Postby Shibabalo » 22 Feb 2013, 22:28

A Grand Alliance has formed between Lithuania, Russia, and Sweden to try to stop Denmark-Norway's solo run. In the south, both sides bounce in Saxony, but Denmark manages to outflank two Lithuanian armies with a convoy to Prussia. In the north, the Russians and Danes trade Archangel and Murmansk, while the Lithuanians slip into Novgorod and the Swedes take back Vasa. Can the Danes be stopped?

Updated map:

Livonian War Spring 1564.gif
Livonian War Spring 1564.gif (64.75 KiB) Viewed 682 times

Pomeranian C Copenhagen-Prussia
Mecklenburg-Saxony [BOUNCE; 1 v 1]
Alborg-Mecklenburg [BOUNCE]
Vasterbotten S Vasa-Karelia
E. Lapland S Vasa-Karelia

A Siberia support Karelia - Archangel
A Moscow - Novgorod
A Bradenburg - Saxony [BOUNCE; 1 v 1]
A Ponzig - Bradenburg [BOUNCE]
A Livonia - Mensel
A Estonia - Livonia
F Osel - South Baltic Sea
F North Baltic Sea support F Osel - South Baltic Sea
F Gulf of Finland - Osel

Kar move Arc
GoB S Hel to Vas


Orders for the Fall 1564 Phase are due by 15:00 EDT on Monday, February 25.
SOLO- Baltic, Double Diplomacy
Draw- Layered, Dip Lite, 1700, Zeus, Simple, 1900 S&S
Loss- Some games

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