Livonian War Spring 1561

4-player variant set in the Scandinavian-Baltic region in 1560. Devised and GMd by Shibabalo. Winner: Denmark/Norway (diplomat42)
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Livonian War Spring 1561

Postby Shibabalo » 24 Jan 2013, 22:23

A VERY interesting first turn! In addition to bounces in both the Barents Sea and Karelia, Lithuanian armies enter Russian Ukraine, while Russian armies march toward Lithuania via Peipus. Also, a Lithuanian fleet in the South Baltic could spell trouble for Sweden!

Livonian War Spring 1561.gif
Livonian War Spring 1561.gif (66.96 KiB) Viewed 691 times

Christiania-W. Lapland
Bergen-Barents [BOUNCE; 1 v 1]

A Warsaw-Ukraine
A Polotsk - Livonia
F Ponzig - Pruszia
F Memel - South Baltic Sea

Mur move Bar Sea [BOUNCE; 1 v 1]
Arc move Kar [BOUNCE; 1 v 1]
Nov move Est
Mos move Pei

Umea to Vasterbotten
Stockholm to North Baltic Sea
Helsinki to Osel
Vasa to Karelia [BOUNCE; 1 v 1]

Orders for the 1561 Fall Phase are due by 15:00 on Sunday, January 27th, 2012.
SOLO- Baltic, Double Diplomacy
Draw- Layered, Dip Lite, 1700, Zeus, Simple, 1900 S&S
Loss- Some games

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