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Important note for future GMs

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2012, 18:08
by Pedros
During game 6 (in the Team Championship) I discovered that an error in the starting map had been introduced when the game was first brought to the site, and had apparently nevrer been noticed before.

The map which has always been used here (up to Game 6) has Northumbria's fleet starting in Durham. Geoff Bache's original design has the fleet in Lancaster and an army in Durham. It isn't clear what difference this will make to the game, but it gives Northumbria a role in the key discussions about control of the Irish Sea area and will therefore weaken the influence of both Wales and Ireland. On the other hand, the (less important strategically, at least in the early stages) North Sea area is open to Anglia, Mercia and Scotland.

GMs will obviously make their own decisions about this. For myself, my next game as GM of Heptarchy will certainly try this starting position.