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Postby Josey Wales » 07 Jul 2019, 11:49

Down to one game and it is on auto-pilot, provided my ally doesn't stab me then the pilot and his auto go RIGHT OUT THE F-ING WINDOW!

Haven't done this in a bit but I just noticed that Powerball here in Australia is at $80,000,000! Well, now, that would be enough to buy a Premium membership for some lucky slob for 3,200,000 years. Why Avalanche might even round it off to 4,000,000 years if you were to sign up for that long ... but I digress.

Ticket at the bottom.

If you are the sort that would:

1) Chat the ears of a United States senator
2) Run into a burning building to rescue, by-passing a baby holding a kitten, an original Diplomacy game with those cute wooden pegs and the board that only folds once
3) Bitch-slap the dentures right out of your sweet grandma's face if she dared NMR in a game you are in
4) Quit your job if you don't get time off to play a marathon PlayDip tourney

Then this is the game for you. Quitters shall be shamed shamelessly (Riebread and spcnmtry) surrendered in Hell Bent for Leather 9 v2 when the paddling got a bit too severe for their liking (I finally went under in that game as well ... or did I ... mwuhhahahahaaaaaaa).

Chatterboxes requested as well - won't restrict to Ambassador or Star Ambassador only, but please don't do your clam impersonation.

158877. Hell Bent for Leather 10

Details are:
Map variant: Versailles
Game type: anonymous_countries
Stats: rank
Draws: Open Ballot
Public: no
Variants: Classic
Map: mapv2
Orders every 3 days
Retreat every 24 hours
Build every 24 hours

PM me for the password.


Should we win, then the size of the split is inversely proportional to the number of units I have on the board at the end of the game, LOL ... just kidding ... I will be generous, on the outside chance the ticket hits. Will post more chances throughout this game.
If you are gonna fight, then fight like you are the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's ark … and brother, it just started to rain

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Postby Mr Aedron » 21 Jul 2019, 22:43

I'm in!
Mr Aedron
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