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The Haven Project, Rules

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Invitation to Participate in The Haven:

The time has arrived to start PlayDip’s first running of The Haven variant with all special rules in place (previous false starts notwithstanding). Due to the complexity and size of this variant, I have selectively chosen players who I feel have the capacity to handle the rigors of such an experience, with strong preference for those who have played in Forum Variants here previously and have maintained a good record of game participation without NMRs. I will continue to take names for reserve positions. I expect this game will last quite a while… through 2013…

For those not familiar with this variant, The Haven is a fantasy based variant created by Michael Sims of diplomaticcorp, with v1.2 released in August 2011. This variant uses an enhanced Fog of War rule set and includes special powers for each race in the game. The map has been designed to significantly reduce stalemate situations and alleviate some of the game stagnation issues with large variants in the end game.

Further details may be found here (rules and map are delineated in this post as well, below):

This variant should not be taken lightly – the fog of war rules are complex, and require a regimen and effort by the players to successfully develop intelligence regarding the world around them. This intelligence may come in many forms, sometimes in only partial information, and must be analyzed properly for a player to be successful. Diplomacy will be even more important than usual, as you may not be able to see what your ally or opponent are doing, and you will have to develop trust in order to obtain an accurate picture of the world around you. Devious intelligence tactics will be employed by your adversaries to distract and confuse you. Do you have what it takes to excel in such an environment – without going mad?

This is a very long post, including House Rules and Game Rules to be utilized for the game.

There are 19 players in The Haven.

We will start the game after the Christmas/New Year Holidays, in early January 2013.

Please review the House and Game rules for the game for consideration. I recommend studying the Game rules and Map, and PMing or posting any questions for clarification regarding the rules or mechanics of this unique game.

The Bidding Process shall occur once 19 players have confirmed and the game is ready to begin. Players are forbidden to discuss their bidding, strategy, or even if they are simply choosing "no preference", with any of the other players in the game until the Race/Nation assignments are published. This may be a period of weeks between a player confirming and the start of the Bidding, though I will take Bids from any confirmed player at any time. Bids are not considered final (i.e. may be changed) until I have received bids from all 19 players.

The situation in The Haven is as follows: The Evil Sauron has discovered black magic with which he has been able to generate a fog across the world, such that all races have become isolated and distrustful of each other. The prior peaceful coexistence and harmony of The Haven has been broken, and war is now upon the land. What was known prior to this event is given to you in the initial map. After this point in time, the situation in other parts of the world is no longer open knowledge, and each player must discover for himself current details of the world around.

The game shall begin in Year 1 of the Fog.

    1. cs
    2. asudevil
    3. Bob.Durf
    4. attitudes
    5. Shibabalo
    6. Mouse
    7. Diadem
    8. stalin813
    9. jayahr
    10. BigBert
    11. cyanide martini
    12. BobMyYak
    13. pharaoh of nerds
    14. Morg
    15. Flatley
    16. joelsdaman1
    17. Girion
    18. BigRob
    19. AardvarkArmy
    21. Pedros


The Haven House Rules:

    1. Deadlines are 4/2/2 – 4 days for turns, and 2 each for Retreats and Builds. All phases are processed with Speed deadlines and will be adjudicated once all orders are received for that phase. (Orders submitted as Conditional or Provisional will not trigger the Speed deadline until confirmation of the order as final or the deadline passes.) Orders may be changed at any time up to the time of adjudication or deadline, whichever occurs first.
      1.1. Turn 1 only shall be 5 days.
    2. Note that all deadlines will be at the same time of day – 2300 UTC. Conversion to your local time zone and correction for Daylight Savings is the responsibility of each player. All deadlines will use the same time of day. [I recommend referring to a website such as for correct conversion.]
    3. The game turn PMs (see House Rule 11) will include clearly marked deadlines for the next phase. I will send out “reminder” notifications 24 hours prior to the deadline, though this is not “guaranteed” in any way and should not be relied upon (note: I haven’t missed a reminder notification yet).
    4. Please title all turn submittal messages regarding The Haven as follows: “Haven [Race/Nation Name] [Season] [Year]”.
    5. Other messages regarding the game should just include “Haven” somewhere in the title.
    6. An NMR on the first turn, 2 consecutive, or 3 total NMR’s, will result in replacement. The game will be paused to allow any replacement to settle into his new role. Delays may be requested by a player if required, and do not count as an NMR if granted. The key is to communicate in advance regarding any issues with ability to submit a turn on time, with as much advance notice as possible.
      6.1 NMR’s will not be announced publicly, nor will any nation in CD. Intel regarding any units in CD will simply show that they are Holding, and they shall have all the benefits of ordering a Hold in the subsequent turn report (see Game rules on Fog of War).
    7. Other than an NMR on the first turn, I will allow a grace period of 1 day for an NMR’ing player to submit orders (and I will send a note regarding the NMR). Any player wishing to change their orders during another player’s grace period may do so at the cost of one of their 3 NMR allowances. This additional time is used in an attempt to prevent CD if possible.
      7.1. No orders received by the end of the 1 day Grace Period results in CD (all units are ordered to Hold).
      7.2. No Grace Period will be given for Build or Retreat phases.
        7.2.1. Unordered Retreating Units will be Disbanded.
        7.2.2. Unordered available Builds will not be built.
        7.2.3. Unordered Disbands during Winter will be selected as follows:
 Farthest unit from the original SCs
 Fleets before Armies in case of a tie
 Alphabetical order if still a tie
    8. The turn maps will include the accepted 3 letter abbreviation for each territory, and not long names. A map showing starting positions is included in this map for reference. No other overall map will be distributed except individual turn result maps, which are only delivered to each individual player and the 2nd Eyes GMs.

    Note that the map of the Haven is a globe, and provinces on the east and west edges are the same (the Underworld is also a globe). The 8 linking provinces to the Underworld act in similar fashion (see the Game Rules). The north and south poles are distinctly separate poles.
    9. Race/Nation selection will follow Blind Auction Rules. Do not discuss preferences prior to completion of the Blind Auction and Race/Nation assignments. Blind Auction procedure details are as follows:
      9.1. Each player has 400 points to spend on bids for all of the Races/Nations in the game.
      9.2. You must spend at least one point on every Race/Nation in the game and no more than 240 on any one specific Race/Nation.
      9.3. You must only bid in whole numbers, no fractions or decimals are allowed.
      9.4. You must spend all 400 of your points and will be asked by the GM to re-submit if your total is less or more than 400.
      9.5. Your bids will be evaluated from the highest points allocated to the lowest, regardless of the order submitted. However, in cases where you bid the same amount on more than one power, whichever is listed first is considered your "highest" bid, all the way down to the bottom-most being considered your "lowest" bid, and this ranking will affect the order in which your bids are evaluated (see para. 9.8).
      9.6. Players not interested in bidding may express "no preference". In this case they will receive 21 points on each Race/Nation, with their order from "highest" to "lowest" randomly generated (See para. 9.8).
      9.7. Players may change their bids up until the moment the GM has received the bid from the last player, after which bids may not be changed.
      9.8. The GM will then review the bids of all players and identify the most points spent on any Race/Nation. Where a player has more than one bid of that value for a Race/Nation not already allocated to any player, only his highest ranking bid of that value will be considered.
      9.9. If only one player has the high bid on any of the highest bid Races/Nations, that player is assigned that Race/Nation for the game and both the player and that Race/Nation are removed from the bidding. This process is then repeated for the next highest number of points bid on any Race/Nation.
      9.10. In the event of a tie bid, where two or more players have bid the same high amount on the same Race/Nation and both are equally ranked by the order listed, the GM will randomly determine which player receives the disputed Race/Nation.
      9.11. The process continues until every player in the game has been assigned a Race/Nation position.
      9.12. Players are forbidden to discuss their bidding, strategy, or even if they are simply choosing "no preference", with any of the other players in the game until the Race/Nation assignments are published. This may be a period of weeks between a player confirming and the start of the Bidding. Bids will be accepted early if desired. The initial Bid phase will be 4 days from notification of the start of the game, or until all 19 Bids are received.
    10. GM impersonation is forbidden. Any attempt to forward GM communications with attribution to the GM (quotes or forwarded communications, or any attempt to refer to the GM in order to substantiate any claim made from one player to another) is forbidden and will result in punishment. Players should note that beyond this restriction, communications between players are unmonitored and may include lies, deceits, and even fake or modified maps or other information. Only information contained in a PM directly from the GM to any player shall be considered fact. All other communications are the responsibility of each player to ascertain how much validity they place on that information. Sharing and gathering of intelligence in this game is a critical component, but remember that any intelligence shared may be then shared with other players without your knowledge… As per the game rules, generating fake or altered maps is not considered GM impersonation.
      10.1. If a player receives any information which is perceived to be an attempted impersonation of the GM, they shall forward the information unmodified to the GM for evaluation. The GM will address the attempted impersonation with the offending player.
      10.2. Any impersonation attempt will result in a warning for the first attempt (except in overly egregious efforts as determined by the GM), and expulsion for a second (or egregious) attempt.
      10.3. The “snitch” will be rewarded with additional intelligence determined at random by the GM about the offending party’s position.
      10.4. Unless a PM comes directly from the GM, it should be considered suspect… and is not an official communication from the GM.
      10.5. Trying to fool the GM is foolhardy. I am the all-powerful Sauron!
    11. Each turn will be delivered via PlayDip PM system, and shall include the deadline for the next turn, a custom map for that race/nation, and any turn adjudications and information, as well as any other notes from the GM to a player. Note that unlike other DVFG’s played here, there will be no maps posted for this game in the forum (exception: if requested, a map with province long names will be posted for reference; see House Rule 13). Due to the size of the maps, and volume (each turn consists of 19 individual maps), only the current turn and previous turn maps will be kept on PlayDip. I will delete the turn map for the turn prior to the previous turn with each new published turn. Each player is responsible to download and store their own turn maps if desired for review, for intel or other purposes. The PMs themselves will remain intact, but the maps will no longer be visible in the PM once I remove them from the site. Following the game, a complete series of turn maps without Fog shall be made available in a forum topic for review, comment and archiving.

    (To save a map on your computer, right click on the map and select Save As to store the .gif file in a folder of your selection. It may be worthwhile to print out turn maps and make notes on them for intelligence gathered via communications, or even to use a Paint software to update the map with information. Most GMs use PAINT.NET which is a free and relatively simple software package available here: Note that this tool could be used by nefarious opponents to alter or modify turn maps for use in developing false intelligence to mislead or limit information sent to your opponents.)
    12. Retreat and Build maps will only be provided to affected players (anyone with visibility or ability to see or monitor a change in status on their maps). All players will receive a PM announcing the change in phases, with the phase deadline for the next phase clearly defined.

    13. Any player/race elimination will not be immediately announced on the turn in which it occurs. The eliminated player will be asked to simply ignore all further in game communications. On the following move turn, any neighboring races will be informed of the demise of the player, followed 1 move turn later by those at a medium distance, and finally 3 move turns later all players will be informed. This is not to say there will not be word spread more rapidly via rumor or diplomacy – including perhaps false reports of a player’s demise…
    14. A forum will be made available specifically for the use of players in this game for whatever purposes desired – public postings, deceits, intelligence, reports of activities, and any such nefarious announcements a player may wish to publicly proclaim. This will become part of the archived repository documenting the game. GM announcements may be posted in this forum, but will always be delivered by PM to each player.
    15. I will be using the assistance of multiple other GMs to monitor the activities and adjudications of the game. They will not communicate with the players of the game, but will represent the players for issues of fairness and accuracy in the adjudications. These auxiliary GMs have volunteered to be your representatives to keep me honest and accurate in adjudication and in what is revealed or concealed from each player. A Fog of War game of this size and complexity requires players to place a great deal of trust in the GM and adjudication process, and this is one method used to ensure quality adjudication. The other GMs will review every turn report for fairness and accuracy, and inform the primary GM of any issues. The primary GM will issue any corrections or corrective actions as deemed appropriate. It is requested, though, that player communications should only be with the primary GM, or if in extremis you feel there is a serious enough issue which is not dealt with to your satisfaction, to Pedros for investigation. No discrimination against any player for such an action shall occur.
    16. This is a very large game, with a large number of players, and as participants, the GMs and players have devoted significant time and effort to make this an historic experience. We ask that you respect our efforts by being prompt with order submission. There are a lot of special rules, and it is each player’s responsibility to study and understand these rules. Any questions regarding either the House or Game rules should be addressed to the primary GM via PM, or public post if you wish the question and answer made public. If the GM determines the issue should be clarified for all players, it will be included in the next turn result PM without any reference or connection to the player who asked for the rules clarification.

The Haven 1.2
    Created by Michael Sims, 2011

The Haven Start
Haven12.gif (210.85 KiB) Viewed 1810 times


There are 19 civilizations in The Haven. They are:
    • Archers (blue)
    • Barbarians (ivory)
    • Centaurs (brown)
    • Dwarves (teal)
    • Elves (cyan)
    • Faeries (yellow)
    • Gnomes (olive)
    • Hobbits (orange)
    • Knights (black)
    • Leprechauns (forest)
    • Magicians (magenta)
    • Nomads (red)
    • Ogres (tan)
    • Pirates (gray)
    • Rogues (pink)
    • Samurai (violet)
    • Trolls (green)
    • Undead (white)
    • Wizards (purple)
Victory Conditions

There are 102 supply centers:
    • 58 Starting home centers
    • 44 Neutral centers (32 Regular, 12 Eternal Build)
52 centers are required for a solo victory.

In addition to the 102 supply centers, there are...
    • 89 Clear land provinces
    • 42 Sea zones
Map Features

As typically happens in large variants, such as World War IV, it is usually very difficult to obtain a victory with a majority of supply centers. As nations grow large, it becomes tougher and tougher to keep expanding, and too easy to force a stalemate. The Haven map has been designed to change all that, by circumventing normal stalemate lines.

The Underworld

The Haven is played both above and below ground. The underground passages are connected to the overworld at 8 provinces. These crossover spaces are marked with a cave entrance on the overworld map and are:
    • Mount Nimro (center) NIM
    • Neverpeak Mountain (center) NEM
    • Cave of Ordeals (northwest) ORD
    • Icereach (north pole) ICE
    • Dragons Teeth Mountains (northeast) DRA
    • Hoarluk (southwest) HOA
    • Devils Canyon (south pole) DEV
    • Nowwhat (southeast) NOW
A unit in a crossover space exists on both maps, even though it will only show in the overworld portion. A crossover space is connected (via land, for army movement only) to all spaces adjacent to it in both worlds. For example, an army in Yggdrasil (underground, YGG) could support a fleet moving from Thon Tholas (overworld, THO) to Cave of Ordeals (both worlds, ORD). But once the fleet occupied the Cave of Ordeals, it could not move into either underground space - only an army could do that.

The Eternal Build Centers

There are 12 special centers on the board, designed to create hot spots and extremely desirable centers to capture. This is because any power may build in one of the 12 eternal build centers. Otherwise, Builds are limited to the original Home Supply Centers only for each race (exception: see Nomads). There is no delay in the holding of an Eternal Build Center before it can support a build. If you capture one, you may build there as soon as it becomes vacant in a winter turn. The 12 eternal build centers are marked by a larger SC marker and are:
    • Telmar (northwest) TEL
    • Icereach (north pole) ICE
    • Spiral Castle (northeast) SPI
    • Dargaard Keep (west) DAR
    • Neverpeak Mountain (central / east) NEM
    • The Julianthes (central / island) JUL
    • Myth Drannor (central / island) MIT
    • Never Never Land (central / east) NNL
    • Whoville (southwest) WHO
    • Devils Canyon (south pole) DEV
    • Krikkit (southeast) KRI
    • Spirit Pond (underworld) PON
The Rivers

Rivers are marked by blue lines on the map, and function like the standard Diplomacy canals in Constantinople and Kiel. A fleet may move into a space that contains or is along a river, and may cross through that space provided it moves to an adjacent space also connected to the river.

Land spaces adjacent to rivers are considered coastal. That is, fleets may move there, but a fleet on such a space cannot order a convoy. Only a fleet in a sea zone (blue) may order a convoy.

There are many Land Bridges on the map shown by red arrows. These bridges may be crossed between the 2 land provinces by Armies or Fleets without impact from the sea zones which are crossed. Line of site does extend across a land bridge, as if the 2 provinces are adjacent. There are also a few Water Bridges which act in similar fashion between sea zones (only Fleets are capable of using Water Bridges).

Province Names

The names are taken from over 75 fantasy books, movies, shows, games, songs, places, mythologies, fairytales, folklore, and a few of them completely made up.

Game Turn result maps will be provided using the appropriate 3 letter abbreviation only.

Fog of War Rules

What You Can See

You can see the spaces that your units are on, plus every adjacent space to your units. Adjacent is defined by how a unit moves, with examples from Regular Diplomacy for ease of interpretation:
    • A fleet in Spain(sc) can see the following spaces: MAO, WMS, GOL, Por, Mar. That’s it! The F Spa(sc) cannot see Gascony, because Spa(sc) is not adjacent to Gas by water.
    • An army in Spain can see the following spaces: Por, Gas, Mar. Much less! An army cannot see the sea zones because those spaces are not adjacent by land.
    • This can lead to some interesting situations. Picture an English army in Gas, and French fleet in Spa(sc)... The army can see the fleet, but the fleet cannot see the army.
If you can see a space after an adjudication, you will learn a lot about that space:
    • You will know what color the space is, only if there is a city (SC) there.
    • You will know what unit is there, or you will know there is no unit there (some exceptions apply, such as Elves or Centaur’s Owl for example).
What Your Cities (SCs) Can See

Your cities don’t see much. They can see themselves, and that’s it. As long as a city is yours, it will stay revealed on every adjudication map. It does not reveal adjacent spaces. If your city is captured, it will go dark – unless you have a unit nearby. You will see the enemy unit move in on the movement phase, and then your city will go dark after the retreat phase.

The Intel & Adjudication Reports

Your adjudication report will be determined by what you can see impacted by the stance of each unit (how a unit behaved in that turn). Each race/nation will get a unique adjudication, which will differ significantly from what everyone else gets. It will include:
    • All of your orders and results.
    • Orders of some enemy units. Which ones you see depends on what you ordered:
      o If you order a unit to Hold or stand, you will see all the activity that happens in or to the spaces you are adjacent to. Thus ordering a unit to Hold is much more valuable in this variant than in the standard game because of how much a holding unit observes in neighboring spaces. Examples: A fleet in Brest Holding would see activity results for Gas, MAO, ENG, and Pic. It would see activity reports for any unit that moves into or out of one of those spaces, and any unit that supported another in, into, or out of those spaces. So if England orders F Lon-ENG and F IRI S F Lon-ENG, even though France could not normally see IRI, it would see an English fleet there gave support to the Lon-ENG move. If England did not actually order Lon-ENG, France would not see anything in IRI as the support order is void.
      o If you order a unit to move, you will only see reports of other activity affecting 2 spaces - the space you start on, and the space you order into. Whether you bounce or succeed, you will be told of all units that challenged your move.
      o If you order a unit to support another unit Holding, you will only see reports of other activity affecting the 2 spaces you are in and are supporting.
      o If you order a unit to support another unit moving from space A to B, you will only see reports of the activity in your space, and the space B you're supporting into. UNLESS you are also adjacent to space A, in which case you'll also see activity reports for that space.
      o If you order a unit to support something invalid, your order will revert to a Hold and you will get all the benefits of having ordered to Hold. Anyone else who "observes" (receives an activity report on) an invalid support order will not see the original order -- only that the unit Held.
    • At the end of a move order, you will reveal new units and spaces on the map based on where your unit ends its turn. A successful move of Mun-Bur for Germany would reveal Bel, Pic, Par, Gas, and Mar!
    • Note by Germany ordering Mun-Bur, he will lose visibility of other spaces bordering Munich.
    • Your map is your diplomatic tool to do with as you please! Sharing intelligence can reveal vast portions of the known world -- beware though, altering maps is allowed, and is not considered GM Impersonation.
Lighthouses & Watchtowers

Lighthouses and Watchtowers are functionally equivalent - Lighthouses are shown on the map where they are adjacent to water, and watchtowers are drawn where inland. These facilities can see a distance of 1 space (into every adjacent space), and keeps them exposed on every map you receive. This makes it harder to sneak up on these key cities. Not every race has a Lighthouse or Watchtower.

If your lighthouse or watchtower is captured, it does NOT operate for enemy occupiers but will stop working for you. If you liberate the city, it would resume operation.

By studying the Fog of War rules carefully, you will find that there are many potential opportunities to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and execute surprise attacks right on their home SCs. The same tactics could be used against you, of course, so defensive strategies to ensure visibility into the Fog surrounding your critical SCs should also be considered, along with alliances and methodologies to determine opponent positions based on other intel.

Special Abilities

Each Civilization has one special ability that it can use throughout the course of the game. The special abilities are:

    Archers may attack any space from a distance. An archer would order "Archer [source] range attacks [destination]". The order is treated like a normal move order, except the archer does not actually move into the space after completion. This power may be used to attack fleets at sea: Archers on a coast may support adjacent fleets (or fleet moves) at sea. Archers on a coast may also attack a neighboring sea space (as if they could move there) -- if they succeed in dislodging the defender, it must retreat like normal, even though the archer does not move into the space. Range attacks may be supported like normal by other units, including other ranged attacks.

    Archer Fleets and Armies both have this ability. Note that it may not be possible for the Archer to actually see the unit which is under ranged attack – the order is for a ranged attack on a space (such as a fleet on a river RA into a space into which it may not normally move).

    The abbreviation for a Ranged Attack is RA. The range of a ranged attack is into any adjacent space (1).
    Barbarian armies (and fleets) can sense when an enemy army is approaching. Maybe it's a twitch in their ear, or a scent carried on the breeze… but anytime an enemy army approaches within two spaces of a Barbarian unit, the player is told that they sense the [number of] units to the [direction]. The specific civilization and province are not revealed.
    The Centaurs control an owl (only 1 owl may exist at a time). The owl can move one space at a time over water or land. The owl sees two spaces every turn - the space it's moving from, and the space it's moving to. Only VISION is returned, no order activity is revealed. The owl must remain within 3 spaces of any centaur to relay this information. If an owl strays too far, it will get lost (disbanded). If the owl gets lost, one centaur may then train a new owl; however training a new owl takes 1 unattacked turn while Holding. Owls may only be trained by centaur armies. Owls are invisible to all other races.
    Dwarves may convert their fleets to armies or armies to fleets on any movement phase (Spring or Fall), in coastal provinces only. Converting takes 1 turn, and any attack on a converting unit will cause the conversion to fail. Be sure to not use the abbreviation C or CON for a conversion, as this indicates a Convoy order and will fail. CNVRT may be used, for example, as this is not ambiguous.
    Any elf that Holds - and is approached by an enemy unit - will be concealed within the trees until such time as the enemy unit attempts to move into the elven province, or the elf moves or gives support. Any order other than Holding will reveal its position.
    Faerie Armies can fly. Any fairy that takes flight over water must return to land within two turns or it automatically disbands. Faeries may not attack into a sea province -- any attempt to move into an occupied or challenged sea space fails regardless of supports given. Faeries may retreat to vacant sea spaces. Faeries over water may not issue support orders. A fairy move from water back to land may be supported.

    Faeries may be over water for the turn in which they are ordered over a water province from land and the following turn. The turn following any turn in which the Faerie starts over water and ends over water is the turn in which the Faerie must end over land, or be disbanded.
    The ultimate makers of mischief and mayhem, Gnomes can choose to set booby traps. Setting a trap takes one unattacked turn. Any of three types of trap may be set:
      1) Alert: If any enemy power enters a province with an alert trap, all players within 3 spaces will hear that a [specific unit] was caught in a trap to the [direction].
      2) Snare: If any enemy unit enters a province with a snare, the unit will be rendered immobile for 1 turn. (immobile units may be supported in place).
      3) Distraction: This trap does nothing until an enemy unit in a province gives a support order. When this occurs, an explosive surprise causes the support to fail.
    Once any trap is set off, the space is clear of traps. A max of one trap may be set per province. The Gnome player may not know one of his traps has been set off if he is not around to see it, or close enough to hear an alert. Gnomes will see status on any traps currently within their range of vision. Traps are invisible to all other races.
    Hearty and resourceful, Hobbits will make the most of the bad times. Any time one of the Hobbit home centers is in enemy hands, the Hobbits can maintain one more unit than they have supply for. If the Hobbits are reduced to 0 SC, their bonus unit will survive for one extra year, and then be eliminated like any other power.
    Knight Armies may charge forward 2 spaces (from A, thru B, to C). The intermediate space must be vacant at the start of the turn. The player must be able to see where he's charging into - one cannot charge thru a province into the fog. If a knight fails to move thru the intermediate space then the destination space is unaffected. A knight will move half-way and stop in the intermediate space if bounced from the final space. Supports may be ordered for the destination move (Army nearby supports Knight A to C -- the route (B) need not be specified in the support). Any activity in the intermediate space will cause the charge to be abandoned, and the move treated like an unsupported move from A to B.
    Somewhere... Over the Rainbow, you never know what you'll find. Perhaps a pot of gold, or maybe a band of ogres -- but the leprechauns can choose to find out. In the Spring, one Leprechaun may choose to order over the rainbow (OTR). If he does, the GM will randomly select one of the 89 clear spaces on the map. Only vacant spaces, after all conflict is resolved will be considered... and the leprechaun instantly moves there at the end of the spring turn. The leprechaun is considered moved out of the space he originated in, for purposes of considering other moves into that space. The rainbow moves are only available to Leprechauns that are within 3 spaces of a home SC. (rainbows don’t just pop up in the murky lands surrounding.) Once a rainbow move has been made, rainbows will not be available for the next two springs, limiting this move to once every 3 years.
    The Magicians may peer into their crystal ball once per move turn (Spring and Fall phases) to reveal the contents of any one space on the map. The space must have previously been observed by the owning player -- or at most 1 space into unexplored fog (i.e. Crystal ball peer into the space [direction] of [province]).
    The ultimate travelers that call no one place home, Nomads may build in any open (and originally neutral) supply center that they control.
    An Ogre may order a Roar. If it does, it will distract all enemies in adjacent provinces - cutting all supports, except supports for an attack on itself. The support cuts are treated as if the Ogre had ordered an unsupported move into all adjacent spaces. A roaring ogre may be supported in place by another Ogre (for adjudication purposes, it is considered a Hold; however, for intel purposes, it is considered a move into all adjacent spaces - this essentially means it will reveal itself to all surrounding units if they could not have otherwise seen it, such as a fleet not along a river line of sight to the Ogre unit).
    When ordering a fleet build, Pirates may build on any of their home centers or Eternal Build centers, or in any sea zone (sea only, not coastal) in which any fleet was disbanded. Once a fleet is "rebuilt" the same one may not be rebuilt again, even if it gets disbanded again. Spaces must be vacant.

    It is up to the Pirate leader to figure out where fleets on the board have been disbanded, to know what fleet rebuilding options he has. Any nation’s disbanded fleet is available for rebuilding.
    A rogue unit may disguise itself as any other race/nation's unit that the owning player has personally observed. To disguise requires a turn in which the rogue does nothing but hold and don its disguise. If attacked, the disguise order fails. Once changed, it will remain as the other unit until it changes to something else. Any disguised rogue that is dislodged for any reason instantly loses its disguise. Only one rogue unit may be disguised at any one time. Orders reported to anyone who sees a disguised unit move will see them as if they are the disguised civilization.
    Disguised units (Fleets and Armies may disguise) will appear in disguise on the Rogue turn report as well, but reported as a Rogue unit for all other purposes.
    Samurai armies may conduct a Banzai suicide attack. A Banzai attack has a strength of 2 (as if it has an uncuttable support) and is lethal. If a Samurai succeeds in dislodging the enemy, the target unit is automatically disbanded – no retreat is permitted. The attack must be declared with one's orders (abbreviation is BA). Banzai attacks may only be supported by other Samurai - supports from other civilizations are not counted. Banzai attacks may not be conducted on enemy units in their own home supply centers. After completion of the attack (either success or failure) the Banzai warrior is also automatically disbanded (it is, after all, a suicidal charge).
    Any time a Troll Army is disbanded, as soon as the space that it was disbanded in becomes vacant, and if there is sufficient supply, the Troll may return to life (no wait for winter). If there is insufficient supply, the Troll will remain dead in the spot until such time as there is sufficient supply on a winter turn, at which time the Troll player may choose to let the Troll regenerate or build at home. If he opts to leave a Troll dead, it cannot then choose to regenerate later. You either regenerate it at the first available time, or it withers away. If a dead troll remains dead for 2 years (4 move seasons) either via choice not to regenerate, or due to the space being occupied for so long, then it will be dead forever. Any regenerated Troll is weaker than a regular Troll - it will automatically disband if dislodged, and cannot regenerate again. Any players who are in a space with a dead troll will be told there is a dead troll there, but no further explanation (those carcasses apparently stink something awful).
    The Undead leader may order a Skeleton Army build in any of his home centers, or may attempt to raise any disbanded enemy army on the map (the space must be currently unoccupied). It is up to the Undead leader to figure out where units on the board have been disbanded, to know what dead-raising options he has. He may not raise his own skeleton dead armies, only enemy armies that were once alive and have been disbanded. Raised armies are weaker than regular armies - if they are ever dislodged, they disband, no retreat permitted, and cannot be re-raised.
    The wizard player may listen into any one space on the map once per move turn (Spring and Fall phases) and learn all orders that affect that space. The space must have previously been observed by the owning player -- not via guess or intelligence.
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Re: The Haven Project, open (14/19)

Postby asudevil » 15 Dec 2012, 17:03

Posting for awareness.
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Re: The Haven Project, open (15/19)

Postby Kithchener » 15 Dec 2012, 17:44

I'll reserve
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Re: The Haven Project, open (15/19)

Postby joelsdaman1 » 15 Dec 2012, 17:49

I'd like to join!
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Re: The Haven Project, open (15/19)

Postby Girion » 15 Dec 2012, 18:37

2 questions regarding the fog of war rules;
i) Will it be announced what player plays what nation, or will I only know the players of thoose nations I have discovered?
ii) Will I know what amount of SC and builds avaiable to other players?
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Re: The Haven Project, open (18/19)

Postby Icemaster » 15 Dec 2012, 19:18

I'd like to join
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Re: The Haven Project, open (18/19)

Postby Gooderian » 15 Dec 2012, 19:19

I´m joining if there is still a place open.
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Re: The Haven Project, open (15/19)

Postby UpQuark » 15 Dec 2012, 19:55

Girion wrote:2 questions regarding the fog of war rules;
i) Will it be announced what player plays what nation, or will I only know the players of those nations I have discovered?
ii) Will I know what amount of SC and builds available to other players?

I thought about limiting #1 as you describe, but decided not to do so. I also decided not to run the game as a 1900 style variant with preliminary build phase. Maybe in the next one... but it ought to be chaotic enough (at any rate, the GMs are hoping so, as we get to watch all of you drive each other mad, and we promise to laugh at you trying to figure out your surroundings while we get to see everything). That is our right for taking on the tasks of GM.

All players and their nation/race assignments will be announced. Player substitutions will also be announced.

As per the rules, NMRs resulting in CD will not be announced (you may see units Hold in adjudication reports). Player elimination will be announced in a staggered pattern (based on distance between the eliminated player's home SCs and every other player's closest unit to those SCs) over the following 3 turns.

You will not be given information from me on any player's SC count nor Builds available nor Builds/Disbands, nor most moves (except those to which you are able to determine due to proximity to those units with consideration for the stance of your unit - see "Intel and Adjudication Reports").

There are 2 types of intel - Visual (from the map), which is explained in "What You Can See" - and Adjudication - reports on orders and other activities in certain provinces, which is explained in "Intel and Adjudication Reports".

As an example, Magicians have a special ability (Crystal Ball) which enables them to obtain additional map information (visual), as do Centaurs (Owl). Wizards have a special ability which derives them additional adjudication intel without any additional visual information on their map.
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Re: The Haven Project, open (18/19)

Postby asudevil » 15 Dec 2012, 22:50

LOVE that we got Girion and Flatley to join
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Re: The Haven Project, open (18/19)

Postby stalin813 » 16 Dec 2012, 03:02

Me too, but I feel more and more doomed by the minute. Those two chew up and spit out stalin like it's a morning snack
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