Variant Proposal: Artillery

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Variant Proposal: Artillery

Postby neeman » 27 Jul 2018, 02:12

Variant Proposal: With two builds, you can build an artillery unit, which can enter a province and overlay another army unit. It will have .5 health and attack/defense value, and thus be very vulnerable when alone, but its value will be 1.5 when combined with an army unit. The dynamic, I think, would see no artillery at the beginning of the game, as it's not quite worth it until lines develop, but at a certain point a bit of an arms race may begin on certain lines. The price is steep, so it requires a meaningful strategic choice. I love 1900's flavor already, and I think this could add the feel of the war mechanics developing as time goes on.
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Re: Variant Proposal: Artillery

Postby Tortellacci » 21 Apr 2021, 19:18

I really love this idea.
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