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Re: Colonial Claims

Postby Geonosis70 » 03 Mar 2014, 18:19

FortressDoor wrote:
giumarello70 wrote:I'm going to make a big claim and see what happens.

I claim this stuff~

feel free to argue and tell me why I can't. I may or may not listen.

The URA objects. Russia already has the rich island of Madagascar, and ample room in Asia.

For you, Fortress, I relinquish my claim :)
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Re: Colonial Claims

Postby Subotai45 » 03 Mar 2014, 18:35

mambam14 wrote:
Subotai45 wrote:Belgium objects, and assuming that the Netherlands isn't here, they object as well.


The Belgian Revolution has been reversed.

I think they just have a really close defensive pact.
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