Teachers now get to see who has finalized

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Teachers now get to see who has finalized

Postby super_dipsy » 12 Dec 2017, 08:34

Following a request from a Teacher running schools games, to make life a little easier you can now see in each of your games who has finalized. This information comes underneath the list of active players in the game on your Teacher's page. Hopefully it will enable you to go and beat the offending student with your cane (these ARE still allowed in schools I assume?) until XX/XY finalizes (don't think I am allowed to say he/she any more).

Remember that as the Teacher you can always choose to force the game to move on anyway, but clearly if you know who has not finalized you can try to make sure they get some orders in first :)
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Re: Teachers now get to see who has finalized

Postby Locutus » 12 Dec 2017, 13:17

Nicely done. Thanks.
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