No "static deadline" option?

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Re: No "static deadline" option?

Postby rick.leeds » 17 Jan 2015, 13:39

Any of the changes that would be considered - the static deadline, the no deadline and the one I already know Dipsy is thinking of in allowing a teacher to 'force' a phase to process - would be for Schools games only (although a static deadline may also help others out playing in other game categories also).

In regard to Schools games, I think having a static deadline would be a decent idea, giving a day and time at which a phase would go to processing each week. It might even be that Retreats and Builds could be set to finalise, whilst the Movement phase would not allow for this. More complex but, from what I've seen in this thread and PMs, what was wanted was that the movements phase was set to finish in a lesson at a certain time. The other phases being finalised, would help this process. More complicated, though ;)

If teachers had the facility to force the end to a deadline it would also cover this and perhaps be simpler, however. Along with having no deadlines, though, this would cause problems with NMRs. Certainly, no deadlines could well mean a game doesn't move on at all so a Teacher would have to force the deadline.
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