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Modern Diplomacy Fall 2007

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2013, 07:00
by UpQuark
Congratulations to ITALY!

Italy managed to grab Rumania from Russia to cement 33 SCs for a win. The last few years were a very tough struggle between Italy and the combined forces of Russia and Germany… Well fought gentlemen.

Modern Fall 2007
modern_F2007.gif (65.18 KiB) Viewed 853 times

    Italy AardvarkArmy
    Atlantic Unified Command
    F SAT – Por BOUNCE
    F Bor – Bre BOUNCE
    A Auv S F Nav – Bor
    F Por – Nav BOUNCE
    F Nav – Bor BOUNCE
    F LIG H
    A Par S F Bor – Bre
    European Armor Command
    A Pic – Bel BOUNCE
    A Apu – Gre
    A Cro – Hun
    A Hun – Rum
    F ION C A Apu – Gre
    F Ist – WBS BOUNCE
    A Aus – Slo BOUNCE
    A Ser S A Hun – Rum
    A Swi S A Ven – Aus
    A Ven – Aus BOUNCE
    A Als S A Pic – Bel
    A Bul S A Hun – Rum
    A Mil S A Ven – Aus
    A Lyo S A Als H
    MidEast Expedition Command
    F ARA S F Sau – PER cut
    A Ada – Ira BOUNCE
    F Sau – PER BOUNCE
    A Izm S F AEG – Ist
    F AEG – Ist BOUNCE
    A Ana S A Syr – Ada
    F EME S A Syr – Ada
    A Jor – Irk
    A Syr – Ada BOUNCE

    Britain hypermach
    eliminated 2003

    Poland Pedros
    eliminated 1996

    Spain Kithchener
    eliminated 2003

    Ukraine Rhyss
    eliminated 2000

    Germany haroonriaz
    A Mun S A Sax – Aus
    A Ruh S A Mun H
    A Ber – Sax BOUNCE
    A Sax – Aus BOUNCE
    A Fra S A Mun H
    F Bel S W ENG – Pic order does not correspond

    Russia Sanguinem
    W StP H <no order received; adjudicated Hold>
    A Cze – Aus BOUNCE
    F WBS S W Ank H cut
    A Slo S A Rum – Hun cut
    W PER S W Ira – ARA cut
    A Arm S A Kaz – Ira
    A Kaz – Ira BOUNCE
    F NTH S F Bel H
    A War H
    F Ode S A Mol - Rum
    A Kra S A Slo H
    F Wal H
    A Mol – Rum BOUNCE
    A Pod S A Rum – Hun
    F BIS – Bre BOUNCE
    W ENG S F BIS – Bre
    W Geo S W Ank H
    W Vol – CAS
    F MAT H
    W Ank H
    W Ira – ARA BOUNCE
    W EBS S W Ank H

    Turkey mambam14
    eliminated 2000

    Egypt Mouse
    eliminated 2006

    France AirsoftAlex
    eliminated 1998


    Italy AardvarkArmy: 33 SC, 31 Units
      BUILD 2
    Germany haroonriaz : 7 SC, 6 Units
      BUILD 1

Re: Modern Diplomacy Fall 2007

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2013, 07:23
by AardvarkArmy
OMG!!! FOUR YEARS of stalemate!

You guys both played an AWESOME game: Sanguinem - I still don't know how you managed to catch up from a 9-center deficit and hold on; Haroonriaz - you pulled off one of the GREAT come-back stories, from a 4-center corpse in 1999 to a 7-center lynchpin at the end.

And thanks to both of you for persevering and not goiong NMR despite the stalemate drudgery!

Well played!

And, to UpQuark: THANKS for another FANTASTIC job as GM... adjudicating these looooong lines of stand-offs would have driven me, well, even more nuts than I am! I'll ALWAYS be glad to join one of your games!

Re: Modern Diplomacy Fall 2007

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2013, 09:18
by haroonriaz
Congratulations to AardvarkArmy. I knew this year would be the last, This is one of the most brilliant performances in recent PlayDip history and thoroughly well deserved. He's certainly one of the best players on this site by far and I respect him immensely, especially for this game (though not as much for WWIV haha ;) ). I am glad for the result though I was fighting towards a three way. Italy deserved it and it's a worthwhile finish after 17 diplomacy years. Nice playing with you too Sanguinem.

Thank you UpQuark too. Your strong force holds together the nucleus of quality diplomacy on this forum pretty well.