Modern Diplomacy Fall 2003

GM: UpQuark. Winner: Aardvark Army (Italy)

Modern Diplomacy Fall 2003

Postby UpQuark » 19 Dec 2012, 03:05

The mighty Italians have completed their conquest of Mediterranean Europe by vanquishing Spain. I wish to thank Kithchener for playing.

The Italians are facing stiff resistance in central Europe, however, as their northern armies are cut off by Russian and German forces.

Britain is in limbo, as their only remaining SC, Denmark, is being blockaded by a Russian airwing, so they lose support for all units and have no home SC on which to build… although Russia does not get the SC, Britain is for all intents and purposes eliminated as well. Thanks to hypermach for taking over the reins in Britain and putting up a good fight.

Italy’s victory is by no means assured, as he learns the lesson of blockaded SCs from the Egyptians in Ale. It may be the last lesson Egypt will give.

This blockade, and the capture of Cze by Russia, ensures that the war is not over and will continue.

Deadline for Autumn 2003 Retreats is on - or before - Thursday 20 December 2300 UTC.

Retreats due from Russia (F MAT, A Ada) and Egypt (F Asw).


    Italy AardvarkArmy
    Atlantic Unified Command
    F Gib S F SAT – Svl
    W ENG – MAT
    A Bor – Bre
    F Por S W ENG – MAT
    F SOG – SAT
    A Nav H <picnic on the beach>
    F SAT – Svl
    European Armor Command
    A Rum H <holds the oilfields of Ploesti>
    A Hun – Slo BOUNCE
    F Cze H AUTO DISBAND <hold for Velvet Revolution>
    A Bul S F AEG – Ist
    A Ser S A Rum H
    A Aus S A Cze H cut
    A Pic – Bel BOUNCE
    A Sax – Sil
    A Ist – Izm
    F AEG – Ist
    A Swi – Mun BOUNCE
    A Cro – Hun BOUNCE
    A Ank – Ada
    F EME S A Ank – Ada
    MidEast Expedition Command
    F ION – LBN
    F Isr H <watch A Jor – Sau with relief>
    A Cai S A Ale – Asw
    F TYS – MAL
    F LBN – Lib
    A Ale – Asw

    Britain hypermach
    F Edi – Cly

    Poland Pedros
    eliminated 1996

    Spain Kithchener
    F Svl H AUTO DISBAND <says goodbye…>

    Ukraine Rhyss
    eliminated 2000

    Germany haroonriaz
    F Lon – ENG BOUNCE
    A Ber – Sax
    A Ham – Fra BOUNCE
    A Fra – Mun BOUNCE
    F Bel H

    Russia Sanguinem
    F NAT – IRI
    W Den S W HEL – NTH
    A Sil – Cze
    F WBS – Ist BOUNCE
    A Slo – Aus BOUNCE
    W PER S A Ira – Irk
    A Arm S W Geo – Ank
    F NWG S F NTH – Edi
    A Ira – Irk
    F NTH – Edi
    F Ode – Rum BOUNCE
    A Kra S A Sil – Cze
    F Liv H
    A Kie – Pod
    W HEL – NTH
    A Ada S A Ira – Irk cut; RETREAT
    F ARC – NAT
    W Bie – War
    W Geo – Ank
    A Cen – Bie

    Turkey mambam14
    eliminated 2000

    Egypt Mouse
    F Asw S W Esa – Ale cut; RETREAT
    A Jor – Sau
    A Syr – Irk BOUNCE
    W Esa – Ale

    France AirsoftAlex
    eliminated 1998


    Italy AardvarkArmy: 33 SC*, 26 Units
      BUILD 6 (*1 SC blockaded)
    Britain hypermach: 1 SC*, 1 Units
      DISBAND 1 (*1 SC blockaded)
    Germany haroonriaz: 6 SC, 5 Units
      BUILD 1
    Russia Sanguinem : 24 SC, 22 Units
      BUILD 2
    Egypt Mouse: 1 SC, 4 Units
      DISBAND 3
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Re: Modern Diplomacy Fall 2003

Postby Sanguinem » 19 Dec 2012, 04:41

Russia retreats Ada-Iran and MAT-BIS
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Re: Modern Diplomacy Fall 2003

Postby haroonriaz » 19 Dec 2012, 15:41

Wow, finally the Wings make sense. Only joking.
More than half of Diplomacy games are ruined because players leave them half-way.
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Re: Modern Diplomacy Fall 2003

Postby AardvarkArmy » 19 Dec 2012, 17:06

LOL. 3 Russian Wings dominating Denmark... and the people on the ground are still telling goofy Russian jokes... in Danish!

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Modern Diplomacy Autumn 2003

Postby UpQuark » 21 Dec 2012, 02:49

Egypt Disbands F Asw.

Winter 2003 Builds/Disbands are due on - or before - Saturday 22 December 2300 UTC.

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