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Modern Diplomacy Fall 2001

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2012, 01:03
by UpQuark
Deadline for Autumn 2001 Retreat is on - or before - Friday 30 November 2300 UTC.

Retreat due from Britain (F Nwy).


    Italy AardvarkArmy
    Iberian Pacification Force
    A Par – Bor BOUNCE
    F SAT – Svl
    F LIG – GOL
    W Als – Pic
    A Mar – Auv
    F Alg – Mor
    F GOL – Bar
    A Nav – Bor BOUNCE
    F WME S F GOL – Bar
    A Lyo S A Mar – Auv
    F TYS – Tun
    Alpine-Balkan Perimeter
    A Sax – Cze
    A Slo S A Sax – Cze
    A Rum S A Cro – Hun
    A Cro – Hun
    F Aus – Mun
    Egyptian Containment Armada
    F Izm S F AEG – EME
    A Ist S F Izm H
    A Gre S A Ist H
    F AEG – EME
    F MAL – LBN
    A Esa – Asw BOUNCE

    Britain hypermach
    F SKA S A Den – Swe
    F Edi – Cly BOUNCE
    A Den – Swe BOUNCE
    F Nwy S A Den – Swe cut; RETREAT
    A Yor – Liv BOUNCE

    Poland Pedros
    eliminated 1996

    Spain Kithchener
    A Bor – Bar illegal move; adjudicated Hold
    A Auv S A Bor – Bar AUTO DISBAND
    F Svl – Por
    F Gib H

    Ukraine Rhyss
    eliminated 2000

    Germany haroonriaz
    F Bel – ENG
    A Ber H
    A Ham S A Ber H
    A Fra S A Ber H
    F Hol – NTH

    Russia Sanguinem
    F Mur – BRN
    W BHM S A Pru – Ber
    A Pru – Ber BOUNCE
    F Geo – EBS
    A Sil S A Pru – Ber
    W Kaz S A Arm – Ira
    A Arm – Ira
    F Lap S F Swe – Nwy
    A Aze S A Arm – Ira
    F Swe – Nwy
    W Ank – Ada
    F Ode H
    A Kra S A Bie – Pod
    F Cly – Liv BOUNCE
    A Bie – Pod
    F NAT – Ire
    W GOB – Swe
    W Fin S W GOB – Swe

    Turkey mambam14
    eliminated 2000

    Egypt Mouse
    F Cai – Ale BOUNCE
    A Irk S A Ira H
    A Isr – Syr
    A Ada – Arm
    W Ale – Asw BOUNCE

    France AirsoftAlex
    eliminated 1998


    Italy AardvarkArmy: 26 SC, 23 Units
      BUILD 3
    Britain hypermach: 3 SC, 5 Units
      DISBAND 2
    Russia Sanguinem : 21 SC, 18 Units
      BUILD 3
    Egypt Mouse : 6 SC, 5 Units
    No Build due to Ada under blockade

Modern Diplomacy Autumn 2001

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2012, 03:23
by UpQuark
Britain disbands F Nwy.

Deadline for Winter 2001 Builds/Disbands is on - or before - Friday 30 November 2300 UTC.