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Modern Diplomacy Rules Post

Postby UpQuark » 26 Aug 2012, 01:50

Welcome to 1995. This isn’t really that long ago… but the world is a different place, on the cusp of war. Actually, not really that different after all…

Modern Diplomacy Game Description:

Modern Diplomacy is a 10 player variant situated in greater Europe, part of Asia and the Middle East, beginning in Spring 1995. Modern Diplomacy was developed by Vincent Mous-Harboesgaard and variant information is located here:

Modern Diplomacy Game Rules:

1. Standard Diplomacy Rules apply except as modified below.

2. The following provinces are modified as described:

    2.1. Cairo, Hamburg and Istanbul are Channel provinces similar to Kiel and Constantinople in standard Diplomacy (no coastal differentiation). Fleets may pass through these territories to bodies of water on both sides.
    2.2. There is a canal linking Rostov and Volga, thus permitting access to the Caspian Sea to ships. Rostov is situated along the Don River which empties into the Black Sea, while the Volga empties into the Caspian Sea. In the real world there is a canal at Volgograd linking the two rivers, somewhere in the southern Volga region on the map. This is the only way to get ships into and out of the Caspian Sea.
    2.3. Iran is the only territory with multiple coasts in the game; the south coast touches the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, while the north coast touches the Caspian Sea.
    2.4. The Dark Grey areas in Africa, east of Iran, and some Mediterranean islands are impassable.

3. There are 38 home centers and 26 neutral centers on the map, making 64 total centers. To win the game, control of 33 centers is needed.

4. There is a new unit, called an Air Wing, which has the following properties:

    4.1. A wing unit may move over both land and water spaces. Wing units have a movement allowance of 1.
    4.2. A wing unit may support actions in any space adjacent to the one it occupies.
    4.3. A wing unit may give, receive, and cut support in the same way as armies and fleets. Wing units have a strength rating of 1.
    4.4. A wing unit cannot convoy nor be convoyed.
    4.5. A wing unit cannot capture an SC, but instead blockades it:

      4.5.1. A blockade occurs when a wing unit occupies the SC of another player in a Fall season.
      4.5.2. A blockaded SC is not counted in the total SC count of the owning player. This applies to both support for units during winter phases and victory conditions.
      4.5.3. A blockade ends as soon as the wing unit no longer occupies the SC.
      4.5.4. A wing unit is built in winter phase just like any other unit.

5. The 10 Nations are as follows (refer to the Start Position map for starting units and locations):

    5.1. Britain
    5.2. Egypt
    5.3. France
    5.4. Germany
    5.5. Italy
    5.6. Poland
    5.7. Russia
    5.8. Spain
    5.9. Turkey
    5.10. Ukraine

Modern Start 1995
Modern_Start_1995.gif (65.17 KiB) Viewed 1302 times

UpQuark House Rules:

1. Deadlines are 4/2/2 – 4 days for turns, and 2 each for Retreats and Builds. All deadlines are Speed deadlines and will be processed once all orders are received for those phases. (Orders submitted as Conditional or Provisional will not trigger the Speed deadline until confirmation of the order as final or the deadline passes.)

    1.1. Turn 1 only shall be 5 days.

2. PlayDip Forum Games Standard Rules apply unless specifically modified here. See:

3. The game turns will be posted with clearly marked deadlines for the next phase, and also included in the notification emails. I will send out “reminder” notifications 24 hours prior to the deadline, though this is not “guaranteed” in any way and should not be relied upon.

4. Please title all turn submittal messages regarding Modern Diplomacy in a manner to clearly identify the game, nation, and turn. For example: “Modern [Nation] [Season] [Year]”.

5. Other messages regarding the game should just include Modern in the title.

6. An NMR on the first turn, or 2 total NMR’s, will result in replacement. The game will be paused to allow any replacement to settle into his or her new role.

7. The following actions will occur in the case of an NMR and I cannot obtain an order submittal in a timely fashion:

    7.1. No orders received results in CD (Civil Disorder - all units are ordered to Hold).
    7.2. No orders received for Build or Retreat phases results in the following:
      7.2.1. Unordered Retreating Units will be Disbanded.
      7.2.2. Unordered available Builds will not be built.
      7.2.3. Unordered Disbands during Winter will be selected as follows: Farthest unit from the original SCs Fleets before Armies in case of a tie Alphabetical order if still a tie

8. Territory abbreviations may be used, and will appear on the turn maps (exactly as they appear in the Start Position map posted here). Territory full names are available on the map posted in this section without units, for reference.

9. Nation selection will follow Blind Auction Rules. Do not discuss preferences prior to completion of the Blind Auction and Nation assignments. Blind Auction procedure details are as follows:

    9.1. Each player has 200 points to spend on bids for all of the Nations in the game.
    9.2. You must spend at least one point on every Nation in the game and no more than 125 on any one specific Nation.
    9.3. You must only bid in whole numbers, no fractions or decimals are allowed.
    9.4. You must spend all 200 of your points and will be asked by the GM to re-submit if your total is less or more than 200.
    9.5. Your bids will be evaluated from the highest points allocated to the lowest, regardless of the order you list them. However, in cases where you bid the same amount on more than one nation, whichever is listed first is considered your "highest" bid, all the way down to the bottom-most being considered your "lowest" bid, and this ranking will affect the order in which your bids are evaluated (see para. 9.8).
    9.6. Players not interested in bidding may express "no preference". In this case they will receive 20 points allocated to each Nation, with their order from "highest" to "lowest" randomly generated (See para. 9.8).
    9.7. Players may change their bids up until the moment the GM has received the bid from the last player, after which bids may not be changed.
    9.8. The GM will then review the bids of all players and identify the most points spent on any Nation(s). Where a player has more than one bid of that value for Nations not already allocated to any player, only his highest ranking bid of that value will be considered.
    9.9. If only one player has the high bid on any of the highest bid Nations, that player is assigned that Nation for the game and both the player and Nation are removed from the bidding. This process is then repeated for the next highest number of points bid on any Nation.
    9.10. In the event of a tie bid, where two or more players have bid the same high amount on the same Nation and both are equally ranked by the order listed, the GM will randomly determine which player receives the disputed Nation.
    9.11. The process continues until every player in the game has been assigned a Nation.
    9.12. Players are forbidden to discuss their bidding, strategy, or even if they are simply choosing "no preference", with any of the other players in the game.

Players (Nations not yet assigned)
1. Sanguinem
2. AardvarkArmy
3. AirsoftAlex
4. haroonriaz
5. Xunti
6. Kithchener
7. Mouse
8. mambam14
9. Rhyss
10. sjg11

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