Can we agree a solo winner? (Yes - game over)

Variant in which random spaces become black holes turn by turn. Introduced by Pedros from a variety of older, similar games and GMd by Pedros. Winner: Radical Pumpkin (Italy)
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Re: Can we agree a solo winner?

Postby Jegpeg » 28 Nov 2012, 23:06

My proposal was serious, though a long shot I admit and my last chance of a victory from the game.

Pedros misread it and thought I was conceding victory to Italy my hope was that RP (and probably Demmahom) would do the same, unfortunately it was unsuccessful.

In the light of my last ditch attempt failing I will concede to Italy.
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Game over!

Postby Pedros » 29 Nov 2012, 05:19

Congratulations to Radical Pumpkin's Italy.

A fascinating game. Apart from the continual errors on my part (for which I seriously apologise!) I thoroughly enjoyed it from the outside. Italy obviously had the better of the Black Holes early on, although I thought that his victory was as much due to the loyal support of Russia throughout - France suffered from not having an ally with any strength. But well played by all of you.

I'll start an AAR thread. Apart from the usual comments on the play of the game, any observations on the variant would be welcome. You'll also be among the first players to test out the new Star Rating system for variants - a four-question, score from 1 to 5 operation so hopefully not too demanding! See viewtopic.php?f=34&t=33520
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