Fall retreat 1912

Variant in which random spaces become black holes turn by turn. Introduced by Pedros from a variety of older, similar games and GMd by Pedros. Winner: Radical Pumpkin (Italy)
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Fall retreat 1912

Postby Pedros » 24 Nov 2012, 09:05

France: Kiel-Moscow

And the Black Hole hits Liverpool. In itself that makes the situation around the North Atlantic even more interesting, but it could prove the decisive factor in the result of the game, robbing France of a centre and a unit. The target remains at 14.

Builds are due by 1077 GMT on Sunday 25 November

France: 7 SCs ; 8 Units ; 1 destroy
Italy: 13 SCs ; 12 Units ; 1 Build
Austria: 1 SCs ; 1 Units ; 0 builds
Russia: 5 SCs ; 4 Units ; 1 Build
"Sooner or later, one of us will stab the other. But for now we're both better off as allies" (kininvie)
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