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Viking Diplomacy Fall 958 - VICTORY for Danmark

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 16:15
by UpQuark
Victory is declared when one Nation has control of 26 SCs. If two or more Nations occupy 26 centers or more during the same year, any one of those players may choose to declare the game a draw between the players who own more than 25 centers. Until any player does this, the game goes on until only one player owns 26 centers or more. There are 85 total SCs in the game.

Danmark has control of 29 SCs which will not be impacted by imminent retreats.

Danmark has proven the power of the Danish Vikings by bashing skulls and treacherous dealings and barbarous, generally Viking-like behavior. Well Done! No real chickens were harmed in achieving this outcome.

Congratulations to Mouse for a great solo win.

Or perhaps it was the plague...?

Viking Fall 958
viking_F958.gif (141.35 KiB) Viewed 1118 times

    Norge diplomat42

    Danmark Mouse
    F Ost – Ald BOUNCE
    F Lis H
    A Lap – Kve BOUNCE
    F BAL – Jom
    F DOG S A Gro H
    F BAR S A Var – Bja
    F Btg S A Rou H
    F BOB S F Noi – Nan
    A Rou H
    F Ast S A Brg H
    A Var – Bja BOUNCE
    A Bja – Kar BOUNCE
    A Brg H
    F MAO S F Lis H
    F Bru S A Rou H
    F Noi – Nan
    F BOR S F BAL – Jom
    A Gro H
    F GOF S F Ost – Ald
    A Ham – Bra BOUNCE
    A Hed – Ham BOUNCE
    A Dor – Fla BOUNCE
    F Lin – NTH
    F SOE – ENG

    Arab Caliphates AirsoftAlex
    A Beo – Mac
    A Tra – Beo BOUNCE
    F Plo – SOS
    F GOL C A Mar – Crd
    F CYP H
    F BER – Pma
    A Mar – Crd
    A Avi S A Tls H
    A Cat – Brg BOUNCE
    F Brc – Tun
    F Crd – BER
    F Ser – GOC BOUNCE
    F Sev S F GOC – Lis
    A Tls S A Cat – Brg
    F GOC – Lis BOUNCE

    Burgundy mambam14
    A Zur – Mnz
    A Ver S A Fla – Rou
    A Als – Fra
    A Trs – Mne
    A Par S A Fla - Rou
    A Tir – StG
    A Gra – Bav BOUNCE
    A Chm S A Trs – Mne illegal support order; adjudicated Hold
    A Fla – Rou BOUNCE
    A Kol – Gro BOUNCE

    Slavic Nations GhostEcho
    A Mem S A Gda H
    A Trn – Tre
    A Brs S A Bra – Jom cut
    A Bud S A Pes – Beo
    A Jom – Pom
    A Bra – Jom BOUNCE
    A Kjo – Rut
    A Pes – Beo
    A Kve – Hel
    A Ald S A Kar – Kve cut
    F Ark S F WHI H
    A Kar – Kve BOUNCE
    A Bav – Bra BOUNCE
    A Hol S A Ald H
    A Gda S A Jom – Pom
    F Kha S A Trn – Tre
    F WHI H
    F NBS S A Trn – Tre

    Sverige Pharaoh of nerds
    F Rev – BAL

    E Roman Empire carter342
    F TYR H
    F Pis – Gen
    F ION – Syr
    A Pst – The
    A Tsu – Trn
    F Mik – AEG
    A Abr – Pis
    F Ank S F Tre H
    F Anc H
    F EAD – ION
    F Rag H
    F Spa H
    A Gen – LIG
    F Tre S F Ank H cut; RETREAT

Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 958 - VICTORY for Danmark

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 17:07
by AardvarkArmy
I wanted to be the first to congratulate Viking Mouse. Mouse and I have beern adversaries and antogonists in several other recent Forum games, but here I can send my whole-hearted congratulations for a fabulous game. Aaaaawwwweeeessssoooommmmeeee!

Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 958 - VICTORY for Danmark

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2012, 01:39
by carter342
Oh you little sneak Ghost!

Though Congrats to Mouse, well played!

Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 958 - VICTORY for Danmark

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2012, 03:00
by Mouse
Thank you Aardvark for your congrats. It is true, we have both been at odds in a number of games.

Thank you also carter and all the players of the variant. Truth be known, I think any one of you could have pulled a victory, but perhaps I was just in the right place at the right time. You were all worthy opponents! Honestly, I just feel lucky to have survived. Wasn't it a stressful variant?