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Viking Diplomacy Fall 957

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2012, 01:13
by UpQuark
Norge manages to hold on in France… as violence erupts all around him.

Deadline for Autumn 957 Retreats is on – or before - Friday 23 November 2300 UTC. 1 day extension available if required due to Thanksgiving.

Retreats due from Arab Caliphates (A Pes & F Lis), Burgundy (A Noi), Sverige (A Ald), and E Roman Empire (F SBS).


    Norge diplomat42
    A Nan H

    Danmark Mouse
    F GOB – GOF
    F MAO – Lis
    A Hel – Kve
    F Kal – BAL
    F BAR H
    F IRI – Btg
    F BOB S F Btg – Noi
    A Rou – Par BOUNCE
    F Ast S F MAO – Lis
    A Var H
    A Seg S F MAO – Lis
    F Dyv – MAO
    A Lap – Bja BOUNCE
    F SOE – Bru
    F Btg – Noi
    F BOR S F Kal – BAL
    A Dor – Gro
    F BAL – Vis
    A Hed – Mec

    Arab Caliphates AirsoftAlex
    A Mac – Beo
    F Plo H <goes to the party in Syr!>
    F LIG H
    F CYP H
    F TYR – SOS
    A Mar S A Avi H
    A Avi S A Brg – Tls
    A Cat S A Brg – Tls
    F EMS – Brc
    F GOL – Crd
    F LIB – Tun
    A Brg – Tls
    F GOC S F Lis H

    Burgundy mambam14
    A Gra S A Ven H
    A Lom – Gen BOUNCE
    A Tls S A Trs – Nan cut; AUTO DISBAND
    A Sav S A Lom – Gen
    A Zur H
    A Auv S A Tls H
    A Trs – Nan BOUNCE
    A StG – Lom
    A Tir S A Ven H
    A Ven H
    F Ham – DOG BOUNCE
    A Noi S A Trs – Nan cut; RETREAT
    A Chm H
    A Fla H
    A Ver – Par BOUNCE

    Slavic Nations GhostEcho
    A Mem – Ing BOUNCE
    A Tre – Trn
    A Bud – Pes
    A Jom H
    A Bra S A Jom H
    A Kjo – Cum BOUNCE
    A Prz – Rut
    A Hol – Ald
    A Ros – Hol
    F Bja H
    A Kar S A Hol – Ald
    A Pra S A Bud – Pes
    A Vit – Mem BOUNCE
    A Gda S A Vit – Mem
    F WHI S F Bja H
    F CHE - SBS

    Sverige Pharaoh of nerds
    A Ald S A Ing H cut; RETREAT
    F Rev – Mem BOUNCE
    A Ing S A Ald H cut

    E Roman Empire carter342
    F Syr S F ION H <Party Boat!>
    F Pis S A Gen H
    F ION S F Syr H
    A Pst – Cum BOUNCE
    A Chr S F Ank – Tre
    F Mik – Ank
    F Anc H
    F EAD H <no order received; adjudicated Hold>
    F Rag S F Spa H
    F Spa H
    A Gen S F Pis H cut
    F Ank – Tre


    Danmark Mouse : 25 SC, 20 Units
      BUILD 5
    Burgundy mambam14 : 11 SC, 14 Units
      DISBAND 3
    Slavic Nations GhostEcho : 18 SC, 17 Units
      BUILD 1
    Sverige Pharaoh of nerds : 1 SC, 3 Units
      DISBAND 2
    Slavic Nations GhostEcho : 18 SC, 17 Units
      BUILD 1
    E Roman Empire carter 342 : 14 SC, 13 Units
      BUILD 1

Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 957

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2012, 02:23
by VGhost
Can you clarify the position of the Arab's F Lis? On the map it's marked as dislodged with retreat pending, and Danmark's orders appear to have succeeded as best I can tell, but the Arab orders don't have a retreat for the unit.

Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 957

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2012, 02:30
by UpQuark
Corrected; thanks for pointing that out.

It was a 3:2 loss to Danmark.

Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 957

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2012, 16:12
by carter342
This ain't over yet.


Re: Viking Diplomacy Fall 957

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2012, 18:45
by UpQuark
Just to be clear, Mik and (Mik) are the same province - there is a waterway running through the middle of it (Bosphorous)and I labeled it twice so this would be clear it is the same province. Perhaps I will remove the ()....

I do not take that as a clear response to the proposed Draw (solo for Danmark). If you wish to decline the proposal, please do so in the Draw Proposal thread.

So Far:

Danmark: yes/proposed
Norge: yes

all others: no response

Viking Diplomacy Autumn 957

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2012, 09:09
by UpQuark
Deadline for Winter 957 Builds/Disbands is on – or before - Saturday 24 November 2300 UTC.



    Arab Caliphates
    A Pes - Tra
    F Lis - Sev

    A Noi - Mne

    A Ald - Ost

    E Roman Empire
    F SBS - Mik