Viking Diplomacy Winter 952

8-player game with standard rules, created by Erlend 'Joe' Janbu. Introduced and GMd by UpQuark. Winner: Mouse.
Enjoyment rating: :D :D :D :D

Viking Diplomacy Winter 952

Postby UpQuark » 26 Sep 2012, 02:38

Spring 953 Orders are due on - or before - Saturday 29 Sept 2300 UTC.



France KidneyBean

Danmark Mouse
    F Jrv
    F Hed
    F Dor

Arab Caliphates AirsoftAlex
    A Lis
    F Crd

Burgundy mambam14
    F Mar

East Roman Empire carter342
    A Spa
    F Smy
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Re: Viking Diplomacy Winter 952

Postby carter342 » 26 Sep 2012, 15:24

Hey guys, just to let you all know that I am currently experiencing some PC difficulties (I don't know what you guys know about the dell studio 1558, but mine is currently going through a bit of a mare at the moment). I should be able to play off my IPad until I get a replacement, but if it is to much I may need to have a few days off just to sort all of it out. I'll keep you all updated.

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