Viking Diplomacy Fall 952

8-player game with standard rules, created by Erlend 'Joe' Janbu. Introduced and GMd by UpQuark. Winner: Mouse.
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Viking Diplomacy Fall 952

Postby UpQuark » 24 Sep 2012, 02:44

Lots of skull crushing as many SCs swap owners. France actually performs an incredible feat of survival skill, holding position (but nevertheless inheriting a Disband from the previous chieftain’s incompetence).

Danmark conquers England. The Norge conquer Scandinavia. East Roman Empire is gaining control of Italia.

Deadline for Winter 952 Builds/Disband is Tuesday 25 September 2300 UTC.


    France KidneyBean
    A StG S A Mnz – Zur cut
    F Tir S A StG H
    F Tls – Nan BOUNCE
    A Mnz – Zur BOUNCE

    Norge diplomat42
    A Noi – Mne BOUNCE
    F BOB S A Noi H (order does not correspond)
    A Nan S A Noi – Mne cut
    F BAL – Bir
    A Var H
    A Lin – Sco
    F Btg – ENG
    A Upp S F BAL – Bir
    A Jem – Hel
    A Lap – Kve
    F BAR H

    Danmark Mouse
    F Bir – Kal
    A Hed – Oer
    F Oer - KTG
    F SOE S A Jrv – Lin
    A Rou – Mne BOUNCE
    F NTH – Ktn
    A Wml – Kir
    A Wal S A Wml – Kir
    F Vis H
    F Jrv – Lin

    Arab Caliphates AirsoftAlex
    A Ant H
    A Jrs – Ale BOUNCE
    F Plo S F TYR H
    F Cag S F TYR H
    F CYP – EMS
    F TYR S F Lig – Rom
    A Brg – Tls BOUNCE
    A Cat S A Brg – Tls
    F Ply - CYP

    Burgundy mambam14
    A Bav – StG BOUNCE
    A Fra S A Hes – B- Mnz BOUNCE
    A Trs – Nan BOUNCE
    A Avi S A Auv – Tls
    F ION – Ath
    A Auv – Tls BOUNCE
    A Abr – Nap BOUNCE
    A Kol – Hes
    A Ver – Sav
    F Rom S A Abr – Nap cut; AUTO DISBAND
    A Zur S A Bav – StG cut
    A Lom S A Zur H
    A Gen – Pis

    Slavic Nations GhostEcho
    A Kha – Vla
    F NBS – Kha
    A Beo S A Rut – Pes cut
    A Pra S A Rut – Pes
    A Jom H
    A Bra S A Pra H
    A Vit – Smo
    A Brs S A Jom H
    A Kar – Ros
    F WHI S A Bja H
    A Bja H
    A Rut - Pes

    Sverige Pharaoh of nerds
    F GOF S F Ost - GOB
    A Rev – Ing
    F Gda S F Mem H
    A Hol – Vit
    F Ost – GOB
    A Ald – Hol
    F Mem S F Gda H

    E Roman Empire carter342
    F Syr S F WAD – ION
    F Lig – Rom
    A Gra – Bud BOUNCE
    A Bud – Beo BOUNCE
    F WAD – ION
    A Chr S A Tre H
    A Tre H
    F Tsu H
    F Anc – Abr
    F Nap S F Lig – Rom cut
    F Smy – AEG
    F Ven H


    France KidneyBean : 3 SC, 4 Units
      DISBAND 1
    Danmark Mouse : 13 SC, 10 Units
      BUILD 3
    Arab Caliphates AirsoftAlex : 11 SC, 9 Units
      BUILD 2
    Burgundy mambam14 : 13 SC, 12 Units
      BUILD 1
    East Roman Empire carter342 : 14 SC, 12 Units
      BUILD 2
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