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Avalon Online

Postby Justinrs2 » 23 Dec 2020, 07:33

I have had a lot of fun with Resistance: Avalon in person. It's a great alternative-style mafia game, where instead of eliminating players, a "King/Queen" (a title that is passed around) chooses a certain number of people to go on a "Quest". Everyone votes on whether they approve the quest or not. If it is approved with a majority, the Quest goes forward, if it can't find a majority, the "King/Queen" title is passed to the next person who tries again The Quest then succeeds if no member of the quest throws in a "Failure", and fails if one or more failures are discovered. Town needs to succeed on 3 of 5 quests to win. Scum can win either by causing 3 of 5 quests to fail, by guessing the town role "Merlin", or by causing 5 King/Queen selections to fail to be approved.

It's a party game with a great deal of fun and several unique roles. I'm interested to see how it would run on here. I think you'd need shorter day timers than normal (perhaps 48 hours), with the "night" phase being quest approval and subsequent "Success" or "Failure" of the Quest.

For me, this all has the nice benefit of being a good way to try out GMing, as it's a format I'm intimately familiar with and already balanced to run with. For players, the challenge will be shifting from trying to find all the scum (though that's still helpful) to identifying town with no way to hard clear anyone.

Any thoughts? Has this been attempted before? Probably wouldn't run until spring or summer, well after the upcoming slate of games.
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Re: Avalon Online

Postby Nanook » 23 Dec 2020, 10:39


This was not the ideal way to‏‏‎ ‎run it but it might be useful as a starting point
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