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The Room Mafia

PostPosted: 18 May 2020, 18:52
by kimpossible

Re: The Room Mafia

PostPosted: 18 May 2020, 19:38
by kimpossible



You are a good man. Probably the best man ever. You have a very secure job at a bank and a beautiful fiancee, Lisa, who is your princess. You've been together seven years and you'd do anything for your girl, including buy her a house, a car, a diamond ring, and a sexy red dress.



You're young, smart, and sexy, but for the last seven years you've been stuck with Johnny, who everyone else says is such a good man, but you know he's actually so boring, not to mention he kinda looks like a vampire with some sort of facial deformity. Now you're engaged, and you're facing a lifetime of overly dramatic yet repetitive sex scenes full of rose petals... unless you take matters into your own manipulative little hands.



You're Johnny's best friend. Honestly, there's not a whole lot more we know about you, other than you're an entire order of magnitude hotter than Johnny, and you're kinda clueless when a woman attempts to seduce you. You're also apparently really into having sex on a cold metal spiral staircase. And also Johnny's your best friend.



You are Johnny and Lisa's weird, creepy young neighbor who walks in unannounced any time of day or night to hang out, eat apples, borrow flour, sit on their floor staring at them... you know, the normal stuff people do at their neighbor's apartment. Also Johnny is kind of your surrogate father, and also you're head over heels in love with Lisa.



You are Lisa's meddling, conniving mother who pops by every day or so for heart-to-heart chats with her. You definitely have breast cancer, which nobody cares about, and your number one goal in what's left of your life is to make sure Lisa marries Johnny, who is a good man with a very secure position who you expect to help take care of you.



You're Lisa's best friend and personal advisor. You really like Johnny, and while your boyfriend Mike is kind of a giant doofus, you might be the only person around here who actually mostly has her shit together and is neither cheating on, nor being cheated on by, anyone. You're starting to get pretty put off by the scheming, manipulative side of Lisa that's been coming out lately.



You are the boyfriend of Michelle, who is Lisa's best friend. That's... honestly about it. To the extent that you have a personality you seem to be pretty happy-go-lucky, but we do at least know you're embarrassed over people seeing your underwear, and really into chocolate. Like, really into chocolate. It's a little disturbing.



You're a psychiatrist who is friends with Johnny and Mark. You've always seen Lisa for who she truly is: a sociopath who doesn't care about anyone else's feelings and will do anything to get what she wants. Too bad nobody wants to listen to you about any of it.



Literally, you are a replacement for Peter because he couldn't be there to finish filming the end of the movie. You are never actually introduced, you just show up at the party (to be fair, there's plenty of other "Who the hell is that?" extras at the party too), and we only know your name thanks to the credits. You basically exist to lend a little extra weight to Michelle confronting Lisa about cheating on Johnny. Fun, right?



You are the only character in this movie with even the suggestion of a last name: "R". You sold Denny some drugs or something (it's a little confusing) and now he owes you money, and by god you're going to collect. You have a gun, you have a hat, you have a lot of anger, and you don't have five fucking minutes.

Flower Shop Owner


You don't have a name. You aren't in the credits. You aren't actually an actor. You're just a woman who owns a flower shop near where this movie was filmed, and you were more than happy to be an extra and let them shoot a scene in your store with your weird little dog. Whether you would have agreed to do it had you known then what kind of movie it would turn out to be is a mystery for the ages.

Re: The Room Mafia

PostPosted: 18 May 2020, 20:05
by Fatmo
Oh hi doggy.

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PostPosted: 18 May 2020, 20:08
by UFO Fever
Obviously in. Pugs aren’t weird

Re: The Room Mafia

PostPosted: 18 May 2020, 20:26
by kimpossible
The Rules

This game is a retooling of Hot Potato Mafia, rebalanced a bit and with some roles added in for thematic flavor. However, I do want to keep the central mechanic fairly clean, so while the roles will do some useful things, I guarantee there will be no vigs, no IRs, no vote shenanigans, no TK immunities, and no conversion mechanics.

Roles are not assigned independent of characters, but characters are assigned independent of alignment. In addition to their town roles, scum will each have a secondary scum role. They will be able to use either role of their choice on a given day/night, but not both.

The game will start with 8 town and 3 scum. The scum will know each other's identities, and have private communications via Discord.

Town win when all scum are eliminated. Scum win when their number equals or exceeds the number of remaining town players.

The Football

In lieu of a traditional night kill, scum will end each night by tossing someone a football. The possessor of the football will be announced at the start of the next day. At any time, the current possessor of the football may toss it to another player by writing their name in large blue text. The football may not be passed back to the person from whom it was just received.

At a randomly-determined time during each day, the football will suddenly explode! On D1, this will not happen during the first 24 hours. After D1 it may happen at any time. Neither town nor scum will know the time at which the football will explode.

It is possible the football may explode during a time when I am asleep, in which case play will continue until I return to adjudicate the explosion, but it will be adjudicated as of the time that it actually exploded, not the time at which I actually adjudicate it. For example, if Condude has the football and it explodes at 2 am, but he passes it at 3 am, he will still be the one who explodes when I adjudicate the explosion at 9 am because he had it at the time that it actually exploded. This is so as to not disadvantage players based on their time zone.

If the game reaches a state of 2 townies and 1 scum remaining at the start of the day, the football is removed from play and only a town kill is conducted.

The Town Kill

If a townie is killed when the football explodes, the town will then choose one of the remaining players to kill by vote. This vote may be conducted throughout the day, both before and after the football explosion, by writing the player's name in large red text and voting for them in the poll at the top of the page. Votes that are not made in both places will be considered invalid. Votes cast by the player who is killed by the football will not count toward the end total.

Tied votes will be determined by the scum team. If no votes are cast, it will be considered a tied vote at 0 and scum will determine the kill.

If a scum is killed when the football explodes, the day ends immediately with no town kill.

In the event that nobody is killed by the football, the day continues and the town kill is conducted as normal.

The Night Kill

In addition to the football, the scum team will have a night kill if one of their members dies during the day via explosion or town kill. If no scum are killed, there will not be a night kill, only a fresh football to start the next day.

Additional Rules

Days will generally run 72 hours and nights 24 hours. I will not accept End Day votes for this game. "No Kill" votes will be an option for the daily town kill. Hammer votes will not be used in this game. Play on any given day continues until I adjudicate End Day.

I ask that my players please attempt to refrain from using the word "lynch" due to its historically negative racial associations. I won't modkill for it, but I will give gentle reminders.