[Mafia] Betrayal of the Bushido Redux

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[Mafia] Betrayal of the Bushido Redux

Postby Firestorm94 » 07 Aug 2018, 06:49

Updated Rules
Original Game Thread

Notable changes from the first run:
1. If the First Daimyo is the only Traitor capable of performing the night kill. As such, the Traitors lose their night kill if the First Daimyo dies.
2. The vote format has been updated to the modern standard large, red format.
3. Waypoint posts will include tracking of High Social Standing. I don't think that the game really benefits from this not being available to everyone from the GM's mouth. Yeah, there's potential for shenanigans by not leaving it to the GM to report, but it doesn't really strike me as enhancing the game experience all that much either way.

I think that's all there is for now. Please share your feedback with me. I'm not sure exactly when I would want to run this, but I wanted to get this out there for review and to let it be known that I'd like to run it eventually.
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