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Re: Ten Duel Commandments Mafia

Postby Keirador » 10 May 2018, 23:40

- Aaron Burr
- Alexander Hamilton
- Angelica Schuyler
- Eliza Schuyler
- George Washington
- Hercules Mulligan
- King George
- James Madison
- James Reynolds
- Marquis de Lafayette
- Philip Hamilton
- Thomas Jefferson

I'm a little surrised James Reynolds rates higher than John Laurens or Maria Reynolds or even Peggy.

Have you read the Chernow biography? Apparently Peggy was a bad-ass and would have been great at mafia. The Schuyler home was raided during the war. Eliza and Angelica, who were both pregnant, went upstairs to hide, and Peggy motherfucking Schuyler went to go save another baby in the family. She confronted the raiders, and told them that help was already on the way and that soldiers would be there any minute to execute them that the raiders ran away. As the raiders were leaving in a rush, she grabbed the baby and sprinted back upstairs, dodging a tomahawk one of the raiders threw at her, and got her and the baby safely behind a thick locked door. Fearing the imminent arrival of Patriot soldiers, the raiders fled having taken no prisoners or valuable information, which was their goal. Peggy rode into town the next morning to let people know what had happened. . . there were never any soldiers coming. Talk about a bravura scum performance.
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